08 February 2013 @ 05:34 pm
[when she woke it was like being washed up on shore after a shipwreck. Cold, and lonely. She knew, instinctively, that so much time had gone by, slipped past her, but she didn't know how. Not even a memory of darkness, just emptiness. It was different.]

[of course, there was nothing to go back to. But somehow, this place had rescued her once again.]

[with that knowledge came relief--as terrifying as the experience was, it meant that there was hope. She could always come back here. She pulled her cloak on over the white dress, pulling her knees to her chest to think.]

[there were people she needed to see. To reassure them. But she didn't quite feel well enough to walk. Thankfully, a tendril from the Vine crept up and curled gently against her wrist, nudging her. She patted it, then called up a mirror.]

[of course, faced with it, she freezes for a moment, not sure what to say.]

H--hello...I--I'm back. I think. [she tugs her hood down further over her face, embarrassed.]

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29 October 2012 @ 10:38 am

[Her voice is faint, whispering and hoarse, but it is usually that way, just not always quite so soft. Zinc, pale-skinned and dark-haired, is sitting on the front porch of her little house, one robot cat curled against her side, and a robot bug in her lap.

She's watching the birds in her courtyard wistfully.]

It has been... difficult again. I heard screaming. Sometimes, I wonder... why the Queen lets us be hurt, if she says she loves us. [Large brown eyes blink, the way someone would if they were pushing back tears, but Zinc can't cry.] She can't stop it. Love hurts. It will always hurt.

[That's cheerful, Zinc. She's quiet for a long moment, watching birds peck peanut butter and seeds off the pine cones she prepared.]

I hope everyone is... doing better, today.

[She rests her cheek against the Cait's head sadly and doesn't say anything else.]
24 October 2012 @ 06:46 am
[Sora is... tired. Nightmares, lately. But she won't let that get her down, not when it's close to one of her two favorite times of the year. So here she is, Vine, tired smile and all.]

It's almost Halloween. I think I'm going to make a few pumpkin things and maybe, if there are people who want it, have a costume party. Something simple and fun on the thirty-first.
13 October 2012 @ 01:18 pm
-Just a voice this time around, Lady Gardens. And one that sounds very, very unsure. But she's been turning this over in her head for awhile now, and she needs help.-

Um... H-hello... I don't usually use this thing for this sort of business, but...


What do you do when you have someone you care about... really and truly do... someone you are in love with, and... They can't return your feelings because of some conviction that has nothing to do with how their heart may or may not feel? We had a fight, and haven't talked in awhile, and... I want to see her again, but that argument still lingers in my heart...

I just need to know... that I can be loved...
[She shouldn't be so disoriented by the leaves, but her head feels muddled the moment they clear from her vision. She can't find the path she was on moments before, no matter how hard she looks. And something feels wrong, though she can't figure out what it is...]

[It's something she should notice immediately, but she feels confused and unbalanced. It's only when she tries to make her way back to her home—where was that, again?—that she realizes just what has changed. Or, at least, part of what has changed. Maybe the most important part.]

...It hurts a lot. It isn't supposed to hurt like this...

[She's seated in the grass when she appears on the Vine, trying to give her sore and aching limbs a rest.]

It's...not right. [Her hand curls against the Vine beside the mirror, like that'll help anything.] My body isn't right. Is that how it is for anyone else?

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07 September 2012 @ 07:59 pm
The Queen's power has to be less than God's... So why do you think He lets us be brought here? This goes a little beyond giving us free will, don't you think?

[Ky's unsure herself, but there's no way to gain certainty. She can only find out what other people are thinking, and that for some reason feels particularly important.]

What purpose are we serving here?
31 August 2012 @ 05:45 pm
[the Vine has wound its way inside the Clock Tower, and the mirror shows the station interior, mostly empty except for a few things. There are new benches lining some of the walls, and a golden tram car sitting at the platform, silent.]

[there is also a small figure in a blue sweatshirt nearby, checking to make sure the Vine isn't caught on the tracks. She looks up, waving at the mirror.]

That's better. Um, if anyone remembers Reeve, she helped me get the train to work. But it needs tracks now. So I figured, I'd ask about places that are important to get to. Like the library, or people's houses or something...ah, if anyone wants to help make them, that would be great, too...!

[if anyone comes by, they might notice that the tracks outside have been extended a bit, though they're cobbled together from the debris left behind by the battle with the pirates. Have you ever seen cross-ties made out of bones? Now you have.]
27 August 2012 @ 08:55 pm
[Shinobu is a bored vampire this night, though she looks serene as she admires the stars twinkling admits the night sky she, in truth she had grown tired of such a view centuries ago. Being as old as she was meaning many things most saw as beautiful and wonderful had for her long ago lost their luster. Such was the burden of immortally.  Though, when in doubt, it was best to turn to others as a source of amusement, and so that is just what she did.]

A simple question for you all. Say you were given the chance to live forever. Would you take it?
22 August 2012 @ 05:28 pm

[Kariya Matou is a woman on a mission. Sort of. She's interested in finding out all she can about the Gardens, in exploring as much as she can. It's slow going. She's hampered by her poor health and often has to sit down and rest when she's tired or out of breath. She lies down in the grass or leans back against a tree, the veins in her face pulsing.

The worms have been quieter, but they're still active, and they still hurt. She was only supposed to live a few more weeks, at best, but her progression toward death seems to have been halted, or at least slowed, and she's heard that she can't really die here. She's gotten better at meditating and working her way through the pain, and some days are better than others. So she keeps going. She sleeps in a structure if she happens to wind up near one, but she doesn't mind sleeping under the stars. She thinks of playing outside, in the park. It's like that. If she listens, she imagines she can hear the creaking of swings, the laughter of children. Sometimes the birds come to pull at her hair and sing, or the rabbits nibble on the sleeves of her hoodie. She doesn't mind.

She doesn't exactly know what she's looking for as she wanders, but she's looking for something. Answers, maybe. When she meets someone along her way (and she might show up anywhere), she doesn't hesitate to nod and smile crookedly, only the right side of her mouth rising.

[vine; video]

[Kariya addresses the Vine quietly, but not nervously. It's simply hard for her to marshal her thoughts at times.]

I was wondering if--it's possible to speak to the Queen. Or anyone who knows her, anyone who has some power here, who's from this place. Or even someone who knows a lot about it. I'd like to... [She trails off for a moment, then smiles hopefully.] Ask some questions.

Thank you. I'd appreciate it very much.

Oh! [She almost forgot.] And can anyone tell me if there was ever anyone here named Aoi-- [A pause.] Tohsaka, or Sakura, or Rin?
13 August 2012 @ 10:20 am
[ Today Miss Zinc is sitting at her kitchen table, surrounded by an assortment of empty jars. There's a rather bemused expression on her face as she asks someone out of sight, ]

Are you sure?

[ A voice that one may recognize replies cheerfully, ]

Aye lass, you just stuff the blasted things in there with a little sprinkle'a salt.

[ Zinc looks unconvinced and turns to the mirror instead. ]

I wanted... to store food, for everyone? But the library is... [ What's the word? ] Useless.

I think... we need help.

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02 August 2012 @ 01:12 am
Um...hi? Am I using this right? I mean...okay, s-sometimes I'd talk to plants, back home, but...th-they weren't such great listeners.

Okay. Um. I, I'm going to assume that I am. Just because...I-I don't know any better. So, um, hi. I'm Tara. I just woke up here. I think this place, um, kind of technically qualifies as the afterlife for me, at least if I'm remembering back home correctly, so...hope I'm in for a long stay.

It's nice to meet you all...whoever you are. I, I'll try not to get in anyone's way.

[Tara makes to hang up...but, after a beat, she hastily brings the vines back up again. After a moment of accidentally switching to text. What? Willow was the technologically inclined one in the relationship, after all.]

Okay. Um, so, this may be the afterlife, but I'm kind of tired from all this walking, so I guess I'll probably need a place to sleep. Does, um, does anyone know where I could look? I-I don't take up much space. Promise. I mean...can't be much worse than a dorm room, right?

I, I'm not that good with reading maps, so if I stumble into a private place...well, um, sorry about that. I'll leave, if I do, and you tell me. Just, y'know...telling would be good. Telling and not, um, attacking. Th-Thank you.

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09 June 2012 @ 02:19 pm
[a soft voice that might be familiar to some speaks up after a moment, a tinge of weariness in it.]

A lot of people...left again. I want people to be happy at home, but...

What...do you do when...your memories start to fade? I don't want to lose them forever.
[Reeve is onscreen. The engineer looks as though she's been pulling all-nighters (which she has), but is also very pleased with herself (which she is). This is no accidental transmission, but Reeve's attention does seem a bit-- divided. She glances periodically offscreen.]

Hello there, everyone! Reeve Tuesti, here. I suppose I could call this transmission a Public Service Announcement, that's how it's meant to be considered, anyhow.

I know I've been rather scarce lately, but I've been absorbed in a little project. Not to say I haven't had support-- Jessica has been a great help, as has Sephiroth, of course. I'm sure at times they wondered if the effort would bear any fruit, I know I had my moments! But in the end, I'm happy to say that it did.

[Cait, put that down, please.]

You see, at home I had this special friend. Quite special, since he's the only one of this kind. I made him myself. I dabble in robotics-- for pleasure, really, but I've had some successes, and the greatest of those is Cait. Cait Sith (Cat Shee) is an artificial life form, who pretends to listen to me when it suits him, but has his own ideas as well as a head full of mine. Here, of course, things are a little different.

One moment--

[Reeve leans out of frame briefly. When she reappears, she's in the midst of giving her creation a hand up onto her desk. Said creation comes in at just over 3 feet in height and looks to be a bright-eyed, rather fae-looking black and white cat. Standing upright on its hind-legs. Wearing a crown-- and a cape.

The strange cat peers into the screen, but doesn't speak. Yet.]

So! Cait. My Cait at home is quite the rogue, and this Cait doesn't seem all that much different in that regard-- she does like her joke! But she is female, which is a change, and she doesn't have some of the other Cait's-- offensive abilities. She's a much more basic AI then the other Cait, but then again, she is quite a bit more-- magical. Or so it seems. So there's that. Nature of the materials, I suppose! I do have input into her behavior, but she learns and is independent to the limited degree this place will allow. Those limits are currently being tested.

Cait's a social animal, and I'm sure you'll see her around. When you do, it would be best to remember that she's a bit of a trickster-- aren't you Cait?
[In reply, Cait makes a bow to the screen-- followed by an exaggerated wink.

Reeve smiles, proud and a bit mischievous herself.]

Oh, and ask her to tell your fortune, it's her specialty.

[Cait comes in close to the screen, her lamp-like eyes shining. When she finally speaks, her voice is clear and on the edge of being too loud. It is also oddly accented with what would sound to those who could identify it to be an overblown, comic Scottish lilt.]

Oh, aye! It'll be very special, you can be sure!

[Reeve can be heard chuckling in the background. Cait, being a cat of mystery, makes her exit-- with a sweep of red cape, she's gone. For now. Reeve herself remains.]
12 February 2012 @ 02:27 am
[ Caprica is in her kitchen, having just finished doing a round of dishes — her attempts at cooking have been more successful lately, with some of the cookbooks she's found in the library. The sleeves of her dress are rolled up, and she dries her hands on the towel nearby before smoothing them down over her arms. It takes a moment for her to notice the Vine, but she's so accustomed to its presence by now that she barely reacts save for a brief, acknowledging glance. At least, not at first.

Presently, she speaks — addressing the mirror idly, unrelated to anything she'd just been doing. But it's something she's been thinking about, of late. ]

There was a place where I used to live—

[ She steps around the counter island that separates the kitchen from the dining area, passing by the dining table, fingertips grazing its cool glass surface. ]

A city that bordered on the sea. Even over the traffic and the pollution and the bustle of so many millions of people, you could still smell the sea salt, sometimes. Hear the calling of the gulls. See the sunlight on the water, if you had a tall enough building with enough of a view.

[ She's smiling faintly, only a small amount of barely perceptible tension about it. The memories are pleasant, if a little bittersweet. Her forward movement stops near the windows that face out onto the rear balcony, hands resting on the glass, only touching lightly. ]

There are lakes here, rivers, streams, but no oceans. I wonder why.
07 February 2012 @ 12:04 am
[a girl appears in the mirror, practically drowning in a hooded winter jacket and scarf. She's standing by something gold-colored and covered in decorations. The mirror adjusts itself after a moment to capture the large object in full: a tram car. The lights are dark and it sits idle, silent and unmoving. Behind both girl and train is one of the tunnel entrances in the Clock Tower walls. A set of tracks with the snow cleared from them leads out from it.]

Um. Does anyone know how trains work?
27 January 2012 @ 06:37 pm
[Xion had found an abandoned store filled with hand-made dresses, something left behind by another guest. She has company with her now, she and Zinc have been trying them on. Many of the dresses are short lolita fare, but Zinc has found a full length dress done in a floral. It's a bit big on her, but she and Xion seem to be having fun. Zinc wraps knitted scarf around the girl's neck, smiling faintly.

She notices that the mirror has been overtaken by the vine after a moment, waving hello, looking a bit abashed.]

I was... thinking. To invite guests to my home. I can't... provide much. Just company, but everyone is welcome. A week from now, maybe? We can all meet.

[Zinc seems to remember something, pointing to Xion.]

We've been making decorations.
23 January 2012 @ 11:52 am
[For a moment, the recording seems completely silent. Maybe someone accidentally activated the Vine before walking away?

But no. Anyone paying close attention might pick up on the sound of panicked breathing.]

W... Wh... Wh... [The owner of the voice is obviously having a hard time, and stutters a few more times before she's able to actually spit anything out.] W-W-Where... am I...? This place... I don't...

[A dream. It has to be a dream. But no... she pinched herself, and it definitely hurt. So it was real? But how did she get here? A million questions were running through her mind - already reeling - and just kept adding to her panic.]

L... Lilly...?

[please answer please answer please answer]
19 December 2011 @ 08:12 pm
[ The mirror unfurls on a location it hasn't for some time: the rear balcony of a lakeside house in the southern part of the Gardens. A blonde woman who may be familiar to a few of the more long-term residents is standing there, hands resting on the railing, seemingly unaware of the presence of the Vine as yet. The expression on her face is difficult to discern: she might be happy, or she might be close to tears. Perhaps both.

After a moment, she turns a little, catches sight of the mirror in her peripheral vision. She startles, briefly, but then she seems to calm, schooling her expression, and the look in her eyes as she reaches out to graze her fingertips for a moment along the mirror's edge is somewhere between wry and almost affectionate. The Vine is an obnoxious, nosy thing, but it's familiar, at least.

When she speaks, she's plainly addressing the mirror, but her glance is directed slightly off to one side. ]

It's been so long. For a while, I was almost convinced—

[ She stops, and shakes her head. There's the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. ]

I'm not sure this qualifies as 'less eventful.'

[ Finally, she turns her gaze directly to the mirror. ]

I'm sorry. I... may not have met some of you. Call me Caprica.

[ Has it been over a year, as it feels to her, or only a few months? A few weeks? She can't tell. ]
[Utena's basketball court is a familiar sight, as are the shadows playing along the walls, but there is something new about it today. It has expanded into a more elaborate sports field, an outdoor gym of sorts. There is a tennis and badminton court, an outdoor pool, and basically a lot of scenery porn the area around the grounds is surrounded by rose bushes. Mixed among the standard red and pale yellow roses are more fantastical colors: orange and blue, pale green. White and pink rose bushes are here, but they are rare.

But where is the owner of this place? The shadows seem to know, climbing and scattering among the mirrors and greenery to stop near a peaceful looking field a little ways away from the court. The rose bushes here are denser, and seem wilder. Unkempt. It may have something to do with their Bride being absent, or perhaps the magic contained by the dirt was concentrated here.

Utena is sitting in the middle of this field, surrounded by the bushes. She has been pricked, here and there, by the thorns, but the uniform she is wearing remains pristine, untattered and unstained by blood or dirt. This uniform belonged to someone else, once, but it has been tailored to fit her, it seems. Her hair has been tied back by a white ribbon and she is looking so dashing, and she is holding a gloved hand to her head. There is a sword, by her side, but it is little more than a prop. Of course, she doesn't know that. Not yet.]

Mm...what happened? [She stands up, a little shakily, and dusts off her slacks.] Is anyone here?

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16 April 2011 @ 11:20 am
[the mirror shows a wooden shelf, with several items lined up in a row on it. A gold key, a box of matches, a glass flower, a black and silver star, a black ribbon, another ribbon in yellow tied in a bow.]

[a hand reaches up to place a green stone by the star shape, and the view shifts to show Xion, wearing something a little different today.]

[she crosses something out in the notebook she's holding in her other hand, then glances up.]

I think... Well, we've found out that disappearing means you go home. So it shouldn't be a bad thing if people aren't here anymore.

Except, I miss them anyway. Is that...wrong?