15 January 2013 @ 10:41 pm
Good morning, dears! Isn't this just the most wonderful month? There's just something about it that sends a tingle right to the very tips of my soul! In fact, I can feel my beloved muse stirring!

I've been hard at work all day with the canvas. Here, what do you think?

[She steps aside to reveal an oil painting of a mother breastfeeding her child. The brushwork is pretty good, although hastily done.]

Or what about this?

[Two nude female figures embrace in this one.]

Don't you just love art? I've scattered my collection for you all to enjoy, but what I'd most love is for you to add to it! I'd love for some more portraits, especially of you lovely ladies, and I would be ever so grateful if you could provide for me! I'll even make sure you're kept warm, so you can pose for nudes if you like. It is the classical form, after all!

Good luck!
25 September 2012 @ 10:52 am
No, no, no...

[A voice of distress and confusion, the Queen forms onto the mirror in a strange manner, the light housed within the vine struggling to show her image. The picture flares, too bright, then too dark again. The sound of leaves shaking and of wind howling rises.]

This isn't right. Oh darlings, I don't know where it's gone...

[A hand extends towards the vine, fingers tense and palm open. Only when the Queen has taken her creation back in to her hand does the image begin to calm, lights lowering, the hissing of the wind quieting, though it does not vanish in entirety.

As the image clears, however, you will see her: down on her knees, picking through a great assortment of leaves: from red to green to gold.]

This one belongs to... and this one... and this one... No, no, no.

[She looks up suddenly, red hair flung back, her eyes deep and mournful.]

You'll help me, won't you? We'll sort it out.

[[ooc; The Queen, the Incarnae, and the local animals will be out and about doing everything possible to help you all back into your correct bodies. Please take this opportunity to experience a few more memories before you find your way back home! This post is open for all of you, if you would like an NPC, just drop us a line.]]
23 July 2012 @ 10:03 am
[ So much to think about, and the clouds are no escape for your fine Queen today.

"Their own love in their rightful Queen can be strengthened. Compassion will show you both the way, I am certain. Some girls just want to ride the wind wear ever it takes them, and live life to the fullest."

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Such a mess, it's all become such a mess! ]

- ♡ -

[ The mirror is recording as the Queen stands at the shoreline, the long stretch of the dunes at her back, the sheer plane of water before her. And overhead the clouds are still flashing with lightning, even as the serpent's bones rain down and warriors close in upon the ship. The storms are banished first, brushed aside with nothing more than an impatient motion. The ship will have to come down next, and she reaches upwards, pausing for only a moment when the High Priestess appears, her feet wet when the tide rolls in, and her head shaded beneath a paper parasol. She says something that can't be heard and the Queen nods distractedly, beginning then to reel down the Labrys as if she has caught it round with a lasso. The Pirate Queen appears at the rails, looking startled and irritated, calling out gruffly,]

Ready to open your mouth, woman?

[ Her majesty sighs, stating very deliberately, ] We do need to talk, yes.

[ The ship hits the ground with a spray of sand and sea, but the gangplank is lowered, and the Queen steps onto the ship, leaving the High Priestess standing at the edge of the tide. A squadron of large brown bears take up positions around the site. The Warrior Princess does not take long in joining them, her face cut and streaked with ash and blood. She does not take her eyes off of the ship, not even for a moment.

When the Queen reappears to see her there, she smiles bashfully. ]

High Priestess, you still have those bottled little folk, don't you, my dear?

[ Whatever the expression on the High Priestess' face, it is not pleasure, but she inclines her head obediently. Soon enough, a cat can be seen walking slowly down the beach, a rope in its mouth that is tied to a floating crate. The faeries inside rattle in their bottles, lights flashing within.

The Pirate Queen crows something rude and self-aggrandizing from the rails, grinning, and the damsels are led up from below deck by an honor guard of battered skeletons. The Queen opens her arms to them. ]

Darlings! I'm so glad to see you safe!

[ The Damsel goes to her, if no one else, and even she has soon moved on, hurrying across the sands to greet the Warrior Princess with a hug that is not returned.

The gangplank of the Labrys recedes when the crate is safely onboard, and though the ship does not seem to be moving, some of the skeletons wave cheerfully from the decks, giggling in that eerie way of theirs. ]

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18 July 2012 @ 11:15 am
[Where is the Queen? Why isn't she doing anything? I must speak to her. I demand an audience.

Well now you've got one. That's more than can be said of the self-proclaimed Pirate Queen whose threats and appeals have been given a very cold shoulder. The image in the mirror clearly shows that she is in the ruins, seated amongst the crumbling stones, a sad throne for what some might call a sad queen. Your red-haired monarch can hear you, though it does not necessarily mean she will decide to listen. The High Priestess stands at her side, her expression as inscrutable as always. She has only one word for you, an invitation, and it is,]


[[ooc; Hello civilians! Ready to talk some sense into this lady?]]
20 June 2012 @ 06:59 am
[ The Queen appears in the mirror rather frazzled. She bites her lip, worrying it as she stares blankly. ]

Oh dear, oh dear. [ She composes herself, though the anxious expression does not leave her. ]

Just--please keep safe, my lovelies.

[ There's a pause as she debates saying more, but ultimately moves back and extends all limbs, like rays of the Sun. The main parts of the Gardens become overtaken by purely dry heat, but go to the Orchard and you'll find it rather humid. Run along to the Arcade or Library and be relieved to find a nice breeze. Storms are mysteriously absent, but watch for clouds on the horizon. The mirror turns off. ]
31 March 2012 @ 09:19 pm
[ The Queen appears in the weather looking utterly cheerful. ]

My darlings, I'm so grateful. I'm uncertain as to why, but what I've gotten back... I feel like a part of myself was returned. It's strange, isn't it? Perhaps I'll ask the High Priestess... [ She seems to consider that for a moment before looking back the mirror, smiling once again. ]

I'm a bit late, aren't I? To change our weather. It's time for spring, you know! Lovely time, really. Here you are, my dears! [ She spins, and flowers seem to come out of nowhere.

That is, until a strong blizzard starts in all parts of the Gardens. Instead of fixing it, the Queen simply giggles and the mirror goes black.

April Fool's. ]
17 March 2012 @ 09:06 pm
[ The image in the mirror is unclear, wavering faintly, as if viewed through water or a heat haze. And for a few moments there's nothing to see, only featureless gray. The sound of a woman's singing can be distantly heard, almost chanting, in a language that's almost but not quite familiar. The very astute may recognize it as the voice of the Queen.

Eventually, the singing stops, and the mirror clears... somewhat. The Queen is visible in it, but there's still that heat-haze waver overlaid on her image. The look in her eyes is worried and perhaps a little lost. ]

It's almost spring, isn't it, my dears?

[ Her expression seems to brighten slightly, for just a moment, but then falls again, and her gaze drifts away from the mirror. ]

Yes, it is. I can tell. I can always tell. Something doesn't feel right...

I'm forgetting something again. I forgot it before. A word. A name?

What was it?

[ She frowns, intensely distraught, and there's nothing at all comical in her expression. ]

Help me remember, darlings. It's very important.

[ And she seems quite certain of this fact -- though a moment later, she shakes her head, looks back to the mirror. ]

But not as important as keeping you here with me. Bringing more of you to help me make this place real.


Otherwise I'd be so lonely.

[ She smiles, tremulously, and touches the mirror fondly. ]

You're all such good company. I don't know what I'd do without you...

[ And after a few moments, her attention drifts again, and the singing begins anew just before the recording ends. ]

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21 December 2010 @ 07:45 pm
[The audio on the Vine is...a little more distorted than usual for this message. But that's definitely the Queen's voice coming out of it. Singing.]

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days
Of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us
Once more.

Through the years,
We all will be together
If the Fates allow.
Hang a shining star upon
The highest bough,
And have yourself a merry little...

I forget...how does it go?

Oh, it's so dark out. Won't you help me in these dark days, my darlings?

[She sounds distraught. And the snow begins to pile up...]
15 December 2010 @ 01:27 pm
[The mirror pops into view, flickers a few times, then reveals the Queen of Hearts once again, still against a dark background. This time, there's a holly wreath perched atop her hair.]

I'm sorry I haven't had the time to listen to all your helpful suggestions, darlings! It turns out creating a world is hard work...ahahaha, who knew?

Besides, I'm feeling a bit...

[She trails off, looking absently to the side, then quickly readjusts her wreath and continues.]

Anyway! One of my less tame incarna has shown her face, has she? I may not like her attitude, but I think she had a good idea this time. There are so many ways to enjoy this season, but this might be the best!

Now, I have work to do. At this rate, the whole place will fall down around my ears while I'm working on opening the dungeons...ah, it's enough to drive a girl crazy!

[And the mirror shrivels back up. But the mistletoe, that remains, wherever you are...]

[OOC: The Queen won't be replying to comments directed at her (she is, like she said, busy), but this post is free to be used for general mistletoe antics and mingling so that everyone who wants to make use of the mistletoe doesn't have to make a whole post.]
01 December 2010 @ 07:15 pm
[ action ]

[As the sun sets, the usual darkness overcomes the sky. There is no moon in the Gardens, and there are no stars. The only lights are fireflies, whatever marks the necessities, and the distant glow of actual fires.

Tonight, that changes.

It starts with a tiny *pop!* noise, and a single bright star appears in the sky. Tentatively, a *ding!* rings out, and another star appears. *Bip!* and there's another one.

Then, in a symphony of small, obnoxiously cute noises, stars cascade into being in the sky. For the first minute or so it's a nice picture. But it doesn't stop. Not until the entire sky is filled with stars, and light shines as bright as day.

Then silence falls.]

[ voice ]

Oh, no, I think I did that one wrong...

[OOC: Players are welcome to use this post for reaction threads or make their own. The Queen will be responding only sporadically.]
28 November 2010 @ 09:20 pm
[ voice ]

How could I? How could I have done such a thing? Honestly! I'm so inconsiderate sometimes!

My darlings, I nearly forgot that not all of you subsist on human food or enjoy the sunlight. Can you ever forgive me?

Please, ask the cats for directions. They'll show you my new gift to you.

[OOC: An addition has been made to the setting page.]
27 November 2010 @ 12:02 am
[Wherever you are, so long as you're here already, a vine unfurls, and unfurls, and unfurls until it's holding a lifesize mirror. For a moment there's only darkness in it, and then someone steps out of the shadows and into view: a woman.]

You're here already! Isn't it wonderful? I hope it's wonderful. You see, I've been working so hard to make things right; there's still work to be done, of course, but I think it's good enough for now, don't you? I'm so happy to see you! All of you. It's been a long time...

Oh, oh, did I forget to introduce myself? I was so excited.


[Her gaze goes distant, her expression misty and faraway.]

I am the Queen of Hearts.

You're going to love it here!

[Without further ado, the mirror curls back up.]