17 February 2013 @ 10:45 pm
[ Some will recognize the purple-haired woman shown in the mirror. Though why she's wearing one of those white shifts given to new arrivals might be a bit odd. Wasn't she a "regular" here? ] Eh? Where....?

[ Looking down at herself, and then around, she stood and walked to the edge of the clearing where she had spotted her clothes. Rather than pick up any one piece of her training uniform she just grabs her necklace and hangs it around her neck. ] Mach Caliber, are you there?

«I am active.» [ Comes the reply of a synthesized female voice, coming right from the necklace's teal gem. ]

Where are we?

«Central arrival position.»

[ That might not be a difficult deduction to make, given the surroundings, but still, it's rather odd how confused the woman seems about this. ] Do you detect anyone in range? Caro, Signum, Nanoha, Fate, Erio, ... Tohma? [ Though the latter are male names, and it's there that she laughs a little. ] No. They wouldn't be here at all, would they? [ Oh good. Seems she really does seem to remember this place. And that means the sight of the Vine recording her isn't all that unusual. She bounds on over. ] Hi everyone! It seems I've gone missing for a while. Can someone tell me the date and... maybe... give me a sound-off?

[ Calmer than a moment ago, she sits down in the grass. ] We don't have to talk long. I just want to make sure that everyone's all right.

(( OOC: And we're back! Though just with Subaru for now, and with a bit of a canon update. For those who would have noticed, she disappeared shortly after the start of the new year. o/ ))
28 December 2012 @ 08:54 pm
[ When the broadcast begins, it's with the purple-haired young woman looking as if she had something on her mind. ] You know, it's kind of odd. I expected an invite of some kind for something for the New Year, like last year's ball, but nothing's come in yet. If that's the case... I'm going to host another party at the inn on Monday night starting at sunset. If I figured it out right, that's when the New Year will be.

[ Smiling, Subaru counts off a few items on her fingers. ] I'll try to have food and games there, but if you want anything special for yourself, you'll have to either ask for it, or bring it yourself. The same goes with music or other entertainment! This should be a great way to meet new people, start new friendships, and also relax after all the work you've put in for the play these past few days.

Everyone's invited — you can come alone, with a friend, or even a date — and there's no dress code, but I will have one rule and one rule only, and that is to have fun! No fights. [ She will not have a repeat of what broke out at her birthday party. ] Mmm, that's it, really. I'll be around there the next couple of days tidying up, so if you need me for anything, or have any question, just give me a call! My name's Subaru. [ She waves to the mirror. ] I hope to see you all there!

((OOC: Like the post implies, I'll put a log up for the party this weekend! Possibly even tomorrow, forward-dated, since I have a four day weekend ahead of myself. o/ ))
21 November 2012 @ 07:54 pm
[The Vine shows Akiha in her sitting room, a steaming cup of tea before her.]

As our gracious host has been so kind as to give us all more sugar than any of us need and a distinctive lack of most other forms of real sustenance, I would like to take the time to provide everyone with a proper gourmet meal.

As I understand, in America, tomorrow would mark a holiday to give thanks with an extravagant feast. So, for dinner tomorrow, I am inviting all of you to the Tohno Mansion for such a meal. As I am not American, I cannot claim it will be a Thanksgiving feast as per preset standards, but I assure you, it will be an excellent meal with plenty of meat and other culinary dishes we've been unable to have at our leisure as of late.

Dinner will be served at five o'clock sharp. I ask that, as I'm inviting all of you - even those of you I do not get along with - that you be on your best behavior. If you wish to partake in alcohol, I suggest you bring it along with you that I am not keen on sharing.

Please, accept my generosity and join me for the evening.

[Akiha bows her head slightly before picking up her tea to sip.]

[ooc: If there is enough interest, I can put an open log up for this otherwise handwave it.]
19 November 2012 @ 12:24 pm
-The voice on the other end is... tired. Weak from fasting. But probably from spending days upon days crying in her room as well. No one is keeping score.-

If my miracle powers were working... I could solve this famine. Why won't they work? Why can't I do any good here?

... I really am just taking up space, aren't I? A waste of everyone's time...
05 November 2012 @ 11:56 pm
[ Not that anyone knows where she is... or so she hopes...

No, Kris could probably find her again if she wanted. That was why she'd taken the ring off, buried it for safe keeping if she ever felt like she could get away with it again. That might help. But Subaru would take a while to find Katina on the edge of the gardens. The sorry excuse for a tent she'd put up was camouflaged, proper military style, and she'd only barely found enough to eat and drink to not fall ill or drop dead.

...a vine was poking into her tent, the sort that carried messages. She tapped it.

There was breathing, heavy breathing from the other end of the vine, probably a good minute that felt like a good year or so to Katina. No matter what happened, people deserved to know that she was alive, right? Then they could do... whatever.

More breathing. ]

I can't... I can't do this...

[ And then silence. Maybe she'll see what the Queen does if she starves a few times - any other consequences can't be that bad right? ]
31 October 2012 @ 08:42 pm
[ Why is Subaru on the mirror right now? ] Um... hello? [ For that matter, why is she wearing Vivio's clothes? They shouldn't fit her; not by a long shot. Everything about the scene is wrong, from the way she's looking around rather dazed and confused at the inside of the inn's many empty rooms, the fact she's not wearing her familiar necklace, and down to the way she just appears... smaller in every manageable way.

Also, the confusion in her voice that shouldn't be there is a dead giveaway that things are very, very off. ]
Is anyone else here?

[ The vine followed her ever since she stepped out of the back room where she found those clothes, and now it watches on as the girl cautious moves from doorway to doorway, looking for someone. Anyone. ] Dad? Gin? Are you here?

[ Panning from the sight, the mirror shows the familiar sight of a teal gem — Mach Caliber's storage unit — floating in the air along with her cord. She is the one that called for the vine; not the little girl. ] «Assistance request. Unknown effect in place.»

[ It's then that "Subaru" turns quickly in the direction of the voice and sees both the flashing gem and the mirror. ] W-what's that? Who's there...?

((ooc: Subaru has been de-aged both physically and mentally. This is basically what she looks like (without the dirt). Open to action at the inn/onsen, but she'll also be wandering around outside once she's done searching the building!))
11 October 2012 @ 05:49 pm
[The image of a rather unhappy Sayaka fills the mirror. Some people have left, but one of those that managed to leave has left Sayaka in a bout of denial, with a rather easy idea to latch onto, even if it is false.]

Hey, something happened again and I missed it, right? Another mass abduction, or a note showing the way to some sort of treasure that went up when I was asleep? Or a multi day sleepover? Anything?

[Of course, nothing of the sort has actually happened. It's just that someone she had grown fond of is no longer there.

She's still handling it better than the last time part of her life went bad.]
27 September 2012 @ 01:00 am
[It's not been long since the Queen got involved in the confusion involving the leaves, bringing things back into the normal peace. Even not being involved with that confusion, Homura had to postpone something she had hoped to do earlier. But now, things hopefully settled, she turns to the Vine after coaxing it to hide this message from her girlfriend.

The girl appears with a little bit of a smile, though little hints of nervousness lurk here and there. Public speaking isn't exactly her forte even if she's a bit braver than she used to be.]

Um... I hope everyone is back to normal now. I'm not sure exactly what was going on but...in any case, I have a little request for everyone, if it is not trouble.

Madoka's birthday is coming up in a week, so I was hoping to plan a party for her.

But, um... [She looks a little uncomfortable for a moment, nervous about how she might be seen for what she's about to say, but she pushes it out anyway.] I have never really thrown a party for someone before... so I was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit...

Miki-san, especially, if you have any ideas...I hope we can make something unforgettable for her.

[Madoka's birthday last year had been just a private thing, Homura not knowing what to do. But just a few months later Madoka had gone through such a trouble to throw a surprise party for Homura, it's hard not to want to see Madoka enjoy the same kind of thing. Still, even being a different Madoka, it's her 15th birthday again. Maybe in a way it's like another chance to throw even a better one this time...]

If anyone can help, please let me know... I look forward to working with you. [She gives a bit of a bow.]
22 September 2012 @ 04:18 pm
[Lambda has remained just how she should be, so the issue of people finding themselves in the wrong body had gone largely without thought from her. Nonetheless, her gaze falls upon the leaves drifting above her when she ventures outside, one in particular drawing her eye. There's no reason it should demand her attention above any of the others, as it looks just the same, and yet... Unthinkingly, she reaches up to catch it as it wafts toward her.]


cut for themes of human experimentation and torture )


[When she surfaces again, she's on her knees. She doesn't move even then, though, staring with wide eyes at her hands where they dig into the ground in front of her.]


[...Why is she...crying...?]

[ ooc: I didn't write this with anything other than a Miscellaneous Outside Place in mind for her location, so, you know, find her wherever. ]
09 September 2012 @ 12:38 pm
[Someone has been playing around in the mud, it seems. Behind Holiday sits a brand new building pretty close to the Necessities and the residential part of the Gardens.]

Hi, everyone. I know this is pretty soon after I offered my doctoring services, but after hearing about that... magic dirt stuff, I decided to try it out on something that I think is well needed for now.

I guess you can say that I've opened a clinic. It's near the Necessities and it's easy to find with these little red cross symbols decorating the outside. [She wanted to make sure it screamed "DOCTOR" and "HEALING" place, just in case.]

To start things off with it, I was thinking that I might have a blood drive. If you don't know what that is, it's a time when people can donate their blood to a hospital or doctor's office. If someone is hurt, proper medical attention and an extra pint of blood can mean the difference between life and death. I have heard that death isn't permanent here, but... well, I wouldn't think it's a favorite past time, either.

Also, the procedure is completely voluntary and I'm accepting anyone who is willing. Even if you're the only one of species here, you might need blood some day, too.

Thanks for hearing me out.

[Locked to Gal and Jessica]

I just wanted to let you know that I'll probably be staying over here a good bit, so please don't get worried if I don't make it back on some nights.

[Locked to Akiha Tohno]

Alright. If this goes well, we should be getting some blood in. Hopefully, it'll be a good bit. I wasn't lying when I said what blood is used for, but we'll make sure that you'll be okay.

[Locked to Kariya]

I'm still working on equipment and medicines, but I think I have some stuff that could help you out now.
23 August 2012 @ 12:41 am
[ It's the afternoon when Subaru appears on the vine. She is seated on the edge of an open door facing outside the background obviously a traditional Japanese style building that long-term residents will recognize. The young woman is wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts, though she looks like she's been rolling around in the dirt. Her gaze is far away, like she didn't notice the mirror creeping up on her. Truth is, she just forgot about it in the brief few moments it took to coax it into unfurling for her. ]

...ah! Hi there. [ A smile. ] It's Subaru. I've been sort of keeping to myself lately since the incident with the sky pirates so I wanted to apologize to everyone, and see how you're all doing. [ It feels to her like she knows most of the Gardens by now, or has at least casually spoken with them all once or twice. That's almost as good as becoming her friend, in most cases. ]

I wanted to report on what I've been busy with! The roof of the inn is completely restored, now, so no more weird leaks or sudden noise from the wind. I'm also almost done building the swimming pool out back, but I'm still working on a pump and filter so that it won't end up looking like a murky pond after a few weeks, eheh...

[ Then her eyes are downcast, which does not go with her otherwise enthusiastic expression. ] I also... wanted to make a note that all the other rooms here are free, now, except my own. [ She pauses, looking over her shoulder into the building. ] I've been meaning to say something about it, but Vivio has been gone for some time. [ There is a sad smile there for that, but it's hard to tell with her turned away like that. ] I'm sure she's back at home, now, with her two mamas. ... I can't say I know what Suruga Kanbaru has gone home to, but I think it's the same for her. Her room was empty this morning except for the same kind of flower petals I swept away when Vivio disappeared.

[ After another pause, she turns back to the mirror, smiling a little easier even if it is a strain on her. ] So please, feel free to come visit at any time. You won't be a bother to me at all, and you can use any of the facilities here at your convenience. The onsen, the training mats in the corner rooms, the futons... even the kitchen and the ice cream maker! [ A wave. ] I think I'm going to go enjoy a cold treat right now, so I'll see you all later!

((ooc: Action available for anyone who wants to stop in at the inn! Whether it's while she's in the kitchen, out back working, or relaxing in the baths. o/))
30 July 2012 @ 07:24 pm
[The Itsuki appearing on the Vine now looks much more sure of herself than she did a week ago, which is a plus; however, she still looks a bit... confused? After a moment, she seems to realize the mirror is recording her.]

So... I know I've been here for a little while now, but I'm still not a hundred percent sure what's going on. I get the whole thing with the Gardens, and us being here, and the rules, and all that. It's beautiful here, to be sure, and everything's provided for as needed. But it seems... off. Maybe part of that is just that I haven't really taken much time to meet people; I admit that my first instinct when I wake up in an unfamiliar land is not to befriend the locals, which is something I'd be happy to fix if anyone is willing to spare some time. I'm fairly certain my friends from my own home - Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri - aren't here. Making proper friends was never my strong suit back home, so... [The girl shrugs.]

And all that stuff before, with the pirate ship in the sky, and the hostages... I think I came in directly in the middle of something, and I never really asked what was going on with all that. Is anyone willing to explain? That seemed pretty major, but I didn't want to try and help without knowing the score, and it never really seemed like a good time to stop someone and ask about the growing battle in the airspace above me.

[Itsuki pauses for a moment before she frowns a bit.] Sorry that I'm going on so long, but... I guess I'm just anxious. I feel like something's going to happen, and I don't know what it is. I don't mind adapting, I just don't know what I'm adapting to yet, and that unnerves me. I'm going to walk around, see if I come across anyone. Maybe that'll help me figure out what I'm doing here, too.

[She spends a moment looking at the mirror in puzzlement before she makes a quick gesture, and the video ends. And sure enough, just after that, Itsuki can be found roaming the Gardens, looking around as if to take in all the buildings and locales. She looks a bit on edge, but otherwise open. Feel free to interrupt her exploration, though; it's a safe assumption she won't mind.]
12 July 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[So. Here's a pink-haired teenager fiddling with the vine, like she's setting up a camera to record and that's probably how she thinks about it. She does a poor job of acknowledging the reality of this place, still half-convinced she's on a training exercise for school. When she's satisfied that she'll stay in shot while she talks, she beings to.]

Hi! My name is Pegasus, student identification number 35854, senior student, and this is, uhm... you know. Sky-fighting 101.

[Her feet leave the ground, floating in midair.]

Your best friend when you're doing the up-up-and-away is definitely gravity. The higher you can get, the more momentum you can build on a drop. When you're fighting douchebags on the ground, it's super easy to just, you know, squish their heads! [She disappears off to the side briefly, dragging a pumpkin into shot.] Like so!

[She displays a medium sized rock before she heads upwards, everything still on camera for several minutes before that same rock comes absolutely screaming downwards, smashing into the vegetable and spraying its orange guts onto everything. Vivi reappears, grinning.]

It takes a while to learn how to aim and all that shit, but practice makes it way easier. I can hit shit from over 250 yards. [She takes a gun from a holster at her hip, it had taken her a while to find her clothes, but it had been amongst them. She twirls it deftly in her fingers several times before accidentally hitting herself in the face with it and scrabbling to catch it before it falls to the ground.] But we're not really fighting people on the ground because there's a giant pirate ship in the sky, I totally saw it and it's crawling with goonies. I'm pretty sure they can't fly though, so all you gotta do is toss 'em off into the sky, right? Gravity will do the rest. Gravity's a total bro-sis!

[She beams stupidly.]

So, like, grappling hooks would be awesome! Or, uhm, you know, harpoons. Harpoons would definitely be good!

Oh! And uhm. Don't use anybody you're carrying as a projectile? Unless they can fly. Or you're sure you can catch them. Or they're over water. Cause clouds are totally not actually pillows, people will just crash right through 'em and then they're dead. KER-SPLAT.

[...There is something morbid in glee right now...]

So, class. Uh. Any questions? Anybody want a demonstration? Cause I can totally demonstrate.

[She doesn't wait for an answer, still grinning that big ridiculous smile at she rolls into a complex set of drills, arms and legs lashing out in kicks and punches that whistle through the air, that damn gun of hers aimed expertly at invisible targets.]
04 July 2012 @ 02:22 pm
[Forward-dated to after dark.]

--kidding? It's been a year and that woman--

[There's a seething hiss then, the Vine opening the mirror after the sun has set, and the profile of a familiar young woman with long dark hair can been seen in the shadows, the moonlight reflecting off of the white shift she's wearing.

Akiha tilts her head back, turning it up toward the sky, and closes her eyes. She counts to ten, calming her temper. Reaching up to tuck some hair behind her ear, a gold bangle on her wrist, she lets out a slow breath before looking around for her clothes. A cat skitters away as Akiha turns from the mirror muttering.]

Bring me back-- Don't even know if that idiot and brute are still here-- Ridiculous.

If the mansion isn't still here, I'm going to...

[Her voice trails off as she finds her clothes and walks out of view of the Vine, not even realizing it had been on. The Vine and Akiha still don't get along.]

[Eventually, Akiha finds the mansion, glad to see it's intact. She heads inside and immediately goes upstairs to her bedroom. Better catch her before the door is closed or she won't be seen until morning.]

[ooc: Akiha is back from her canon update.]
04 July 2012 @ 02:57 pm
[ The video feed opens up to a very unamused purple haired alchemist, who is looking around trying to find some trace of the normal back alley she's used to. ]

It seems I've been taken out of Misaki City, current surroundings suggest some type of forest though it doesn't look the area near the mansion. [ There's a small sigh with a another quick glance around. ]

If someone could tell me where I am it would be greatly appreciated. Ries, Satsuki or anyone else who I would know if you see this please respond when you have the chance.
26 May 2012 @ 11:38 pm
[ No preamble, no explanation. Subaru appears on the Vine and immediately bows to the mirror. ] I am extremely sorry! I want to apologize for my behavior this past week. I... can't really excuse any of it, even though I know the cause. I should have taken better care to not hurt anyone's feelings during that time.

[ Just as she has straightened up, she feels another wave of guilt and lowers her face. ] So, please, anyone who I spoke to or... had a fight with. Please, forgive me!

[ And with that, she's gone. People can call her back, or come find her at the inn, making repairs on the roof from when she and Reimu fought. This time it's without the aid of sand, and her fairy is nowhere to be found for the time being. ]
25 May 2012 @ 06:18 am

[She had done her best to avoid being wildcarded...at least, she hoped that somehow she had been able to avoid something turning her into anything weird. But after that run in with the faeries something was bound to give, and she went from one minute looking like a bunny girl in the broadest sense of the word to then looking more the part.

At least, more the fan girlish, male gaze grabbing type, and no matter what she did, there was no way to get anything off. Her knee socks were now thigh highs, her shirt and skort swapped for a thin one piece, a cotton tail on her butt and, to add insult to injury? A sudden need for carrots.

So she is out in the field, munching on said vegetable, clothes skimpy and demeanor ranging from exasperation to twitchy rabbit to sexually flirtatious, depending on the person.]

Guys? H-help!

[Her default right now was "what the crud"]

[[OOC: Fionna is wildcarded, and depending on who you are, she will respond to you in either of the three aforementioned modes.]]
22 May 2012 @ 04:18 pm
[The Vine turns on, but Hatate currently doesn't notice. Right now she's flying around, curiously taking in her surroundings. The Gardens are nice, but not really her thing. Now if there was a large mountain she could live on...

She turns, her eyes widening slightly, seeing the open Vine. Has she been under surveillance this whole time? That could be an interesting story. But for now, she might as well take advantage. She holds up her camera and gives the Vine a smile.]

It's not that I, like, don't appreciate the attention, but could someone tell me why I'm here? It's nice and all, but it's nothing like back home. So, if someone would be willing to give me a little more info about this place, I'd totally appreciate it. It'll be like a mini interview!
19 May 2012 @ 12:09 pm
*Vine, Filtered to Sanae and Alice*

It seems the fairy problem has gotten worse then before. I think we should deal with them like we do back in Gensokyo. Do you want to help me?


*Reimu is flying around all of the gardens, shooting at any fairy she sees, be them nice or not. So if you have a friendly fairy flying around you, Reimu is going to land in front of you.*

Hey, move over, I need to shoot the fairy behind you.

*Kanako appears on the vine, in a white dress, looking very frightened. She was visibly shaken, and a little pale.*

I-I think.... I think I died...