10 January 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Okay, I'm curious. Some of us have been here a while, some more then others. By quite a bit for some. But with all this time spent, I have to wonder but one thing.

Who here has actually gotten themselves in one of those love filled relationships, either currently or before? Here I mean, ones that happened before don't count. Additionally, who here even gives a damn?

If anyone is curious, I haven't found my cherished someone. I know, you all are just so saddened to hear that I am without one to love, but my heart is locked away behind the gates of hell.

[Despite the dripping sarcasm at the end, she felt this was a question that had a long time coming, it just had to be done.]
13 December 2012 @ 04:12 pm

[to find herself in an unfamiliar place and unable to sense Natori's presence was... just a bit worrying. but there was no immediate panic, no. Hiiragi had spent most of the day silently going about, searching for her master and an exit.

so neither could be found. alright then.

it isn't until a few hours of fruitless searching later that Hiiragi accidentally brushes against the vines, a scroll unfurling and a pen offered to her. there's a long pause of debate as to whether she should simply move on or investigate it further; the youkai takes her own brush and ink out of her sleeve, and after a moment of hesitation, experimentally swipes a couple lines across the surface. basically all you get to see is this:]


[a woman wearing a horned one-eyed mask can be found around the gardens, heading nowhere in particular yet with a sense of urgency. if she spots your character but they're human, she'll walk right past them without a second glance. but if they're anything other, she'll be turning her head in their direction and slightly slowing her pace.]
08 December 2012 @ 03:45 pm
[If you look for interaction with someone today, on the vine, you may instead find the mirror opening to drawn picture of mistletoe. It's there for a few seconds before it's pulled away, the one behind it being Alice.]

I believe it's that time of the year again, and I just want to make sure. Has anyone seen this plant yet? It hangs from above and if you happen to walk, or simply be, under it while with someone else, the two of you will be locked into place and can only be free if the two kiss. It is called a mistletoe and this is basically enforced tradition of a holiday.

I just want to know if I have to keep eyes above me now.
18 November 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Greetings, I am speaking today to ask what may seem like an odd question.

[Despite it being an odd question, Alice looks rather serious when she proceeds to ask it. The use of video was to hopefully get the attention of more people.]

For this question, let us assume the following scenario. You find yourself in possession of a life sized replica, or puppet, of someone that you know. As it is a puppet of sorts, it is not a perfect recreation, but it appears to be the same until further investigation. You are able to control it's every single motion, but it is only able to do anything that you yourself are capable of doing,

If you were to be in this situation, what would you do?
22 October 2012 @ 08:14 pm
[It wasn't often someone had something to say in the middle of the night. Maybe in person they did, but it wasn't exactly common for the vine to be used. Although, by the look of the person on it, Alice probably couldn't wait any longer about this.]

Okay, I've had enough of this now. Which one of you decided to start singing every night? It is really distracting and I'm having problems going to sleep, which is something I happen to enjoy when I can manage it. And from what I've seen of some others, they don't look happy, so I'm guessing they can hear this too.

So, who is the one doing this? And if it's so loud multiple people can hear it, why don't you turn it down a bit? Or go somewhere secluded?

[She has no idea at all where the singing is coming from or what is actually wrong with people.]
19 August 2012 @ 03:44 pm
[A cafe run by the robots from before? Why, what could ever go wrong? Lots, but let's check it out anyway. Down, sitting at one of the tables in the cafe is Alice. She knew better than to actually get anything, and hopes that won't bring about anything. She's just content with sitting there, looking at the robots and chatting with her guest.

Oh yes, she's not alone. She is joined by a shorter girl, with longer blonde hair and golden eyes. Likely more identified by her black and white witch clothes and hat. This is Marisa Kirisame, she was once here and left quite some time ago. Her skin does seem just a tiny bit off color, though. And she's wearing gloves for some odd reason. And if someone were to touch her face, they would find that it is not skin... but rather, something you would feel from a doll.

Alice is trying very hard to hide the fact she made, and is controlling, a life-sized doll of her best friend, that is no longer around, to take to a cafe to have a chat. She doesn't have problems. Really!]

[OOC: Despite being a doll, the Marisa doll will talk to others in an italicized way. The doll's body motions will be indistinguishable from a normal persons... but not from the real Marisa, as it's behavior and mannerisms are only mimicry based on Alice's attempts to try and act like Marisa.]
16 August 2012 @ 12:08 pm
[It was probably a stupid idea to go to that stupid cafe run by those stupid robots, especially after seeing a reminder about the effects seemingly innocuous things could have in this place, but Nue was...curious. What harm could there be in just looking? And anyway, it wasn't like there was much else to do around here, so she might as well take advantage of the opportunity to kill a little time.]

[And, you know, scope out the place to see if it was date material. Sanae would probably find the robots cute, if nothing else.]

[In the end, she decided to take a risk and ask to try the mint tea. If the food was weird, she should probably find out before she decided to do anything else, right? Right. She drank it quickly, only just resisting the urge to pinch her nose as she gulped it down.]

[...Actually, it didn't taste that bad. She still felt like herself, too, so maybe she had been worried for nothing?]

[At first, she brushed off the chill that seemed to creep up on her as she made her way back to the Gardens proper. But soon she was shivering, and it wasn't long until she was so cold her teeth chattered. She tried wrapping her wings around herself for heat, but it didn't help much.]

[So, now she can be found making her way back to the Hakurei Shrine on foot, blue and red wings completely curled around her torso with her arms hidden and pinned to her body beneath them.]

[ ooc: Threads can take place either around the Gardens or at the shrine! ]
13 August 2012 @ 03:38 pm
[There's a new face on the Vine today. Thankfully, it's a lovely one.]

[Holiday is poking these... vine things, trying to figure out how they work and... what they're doing... It's very curious stuff right here... She's also still dressed in the gown she awoke in and the cat behind her is looking like it might be getting a little annoyed...]

Um... I think... this is on... Hello? Can anyone-?

[She spends a second, looking around at the Vine and wondering if she's being fooled.]

Breach, if this is some weird dimension, I'd like to go home now. The cats and flowers and everything really is nice, but... Well, I should really be home. Rex is going to be worrying, you know.

[... Excuse her while she thinks she's been kidnapped and sent into a pocket dimension...]
09 April 2012 @ 01:37 am
[And the mirror opens up to the scene of Alice Margatroid, inside of her house. There isn't the sound of crying coming through, a relief to many, certainly. The only thing in visible sight as of now is the blonde, checking over her vine, as this was a serious matter. Her unamused expression helps for that.]

As I am sure everyone is aware, or damn well hope so, we all had found large eggs that behave like babies a couple days ago. Given that some days have passed, I'm sure a number of us have learned some things.

But this isn't about that, it's about something from before. I hate beating a dead horse, but for those of you who recall a raging flower incident, the task of raising something may seem familiar. If not, just know that we at one point had monster flowers rise up and attack because people sucked at gardening. I don't want a repeat of that, mutant chickens attacking is not my idea of fun. So... does anyone have an idea on how to raise a baby, even if it is an egg?

I'd like to avoid any, um, mutant chickens as well.

[And as luck would have it, Meiling decides to join in and provide some reassurance, even if nobody asked her to. It's not often that she has this kind of opportunity, but she's actually pretty excited about it.]

Don't worry, Alice! Between you and me, our baby will not only grow up healthy, but strong, and intelligent as well!

... Though I don't really know why it's still an egg.

Cut for length. )
(OOC: Alice and Meiling shall be responding in separate threads.)
05 March 2012 @ 03:35 pm
[Have you ever seen someone call up the vine, only to look so indecisive about actually bothering? You may right now, as Alice Margatroid is just tossing around the idea of 'is this worth the effort and what it may bring'. In the end, after... being reassured by her dolls she goes with it.]

Right, now then...

Greetings. From what I know, a few weeks ago, there was another bout of people being stuck together and being unable to separate, although with no visual culprit. While I do not know how many people were caught in this, I can only assume a number of you were.

I would like to know something about this time. Namely, what exactly was the cause for your release? Unlike previous cases, this may not obvious, so I would at the very least, like to know what you may have learned from it.
04 March 2012 @ 05:16 pm
[So, here's Nue. Here's Nue looking really uncomfortable about something. She takes a few seconds and a couple of false starts to manage it, but she does eventually blurt out:]

So, my g— girlfriend made me some chocolates for Valentine's Day. I didn't know anything about Valentine's Day when it happened, so I didn't get anything for her, and she told me I could give her something on White Day instead.

[Alright. There. That's the worst of it out of the way. Now, she just has to ask...]

So, does... Does anyone else in this place know about White Day? She told me that I could make her whatever I wanted, but I don't know anything about it, so I'm not sure if she meant anything anything or if there are some rules I'm supposed to follow. She made me chocolate, so I kind of wanted to do the same for her, but I don't know anything about doing that, either.

[Admitting all this out loud seems to frustrate her, and she frowns for a second, huffing. She folds her arms over her chest before she decides to just wrap up this trainwreck of a post as quickly and painlessly as possible.]

So, I mean... If there's anyone who'd be willing to help me at all, I'd really appreciate it.
28 February 2012 @ 10:10 am
Ah, guten tag. If it isn't too much trouble, ladies of the gardens, I have a bit of an inquiry. I'd like to know what nations exist in each of your worlds. I've noticed during my time here that some of you recognize me, or at least my name, as a nation, but some of you do not. I've found myself curious about the nations that presumably exist in the worlds in which they are unfamiliar to me. Also, I am curious as to the state of the nations I know in other worlds as well.

This is all just idle curiosity, but I would be grateful for it to be indulged. Thank you.
11 February 2012 @ 05:30 pm


r we still on campus... i can prob find my way back if i am... maybe...

but u wouldn't leave me out here would u...

would u shicchan.......?

[I apologize for the font (never mind that font colour, turns out it was unreadable) and nominal chatspeak, but I feel it's IC. Anyway, she's super duper out of it rn, so pardon her if some of the basic facts of this place haven't registered yet. Like the fact that she's communicating via plant]
09 February 2012 @ 07:44 am
[The vine has suddenly decided to tune in to its newest arrival!

... a redhead that seems to be sleeping comfortably on the ground. So comfortably that she is actually snoring and... is that drool on the side of her mouth? Yes. Yes it is.

Wait, it looks like she’s finally going to wake up!]

Don’t you worry anymore! I, Hong Meiling, will not let anything happen to this land I love!

[Or it could be that she’s decided to talk in her sleep.]

As long as I remain on guard, no harm will befall Gensokyo and its residents.

[What is she even dreaming about? Must be something pretty exciting, given how she’s raising her fist in the air. Fortunately, she wakes up before embarrassing herself any further.

She sits up, eyes half open, looking positively groggy.]

... Huh?

[Meiling finally begins to realize that something isn’t quite right.]

This isn’t the mansion. [An astounding observation.] Where is...?

Mistress? Lady Sakuya?

Where did you all go?!

[Looking more and more worried now.]

I-I wasn’t sleeping or slacking off! Honest!

[... right.]

Why am I wearing this dress?

[ooc: tags will be slower than normal for me but I shall get to them as soon as I can!]
08 February 2012 @ 01:42 pm
[Hello, Gardeners. It's not so unusual seeing a new person on the Vine, is it? It's usually the first stop on one's "figure out what even the fuck" tour, after all. What's probably less common is seeing a new person that... doesn't really seem confused. At all.

Rather? This one just seems irritable as hell.

She stares uncompromisingly into the recording node... frond... thing, holds up her greeting scroll, and says only two words... although, has a response so brief ever sounded so exasperated? I wonder.

I decline.
06 February 2012 @ 12:15 am
[Kris looks absolutely distressed. What could be bothering her? Perhaps the crazy monster that is now Akiha? She's doing lots of bad things, right? Nope.]

There's no one around to cook anymore! I think I'm going to die from starvation...

...send help please...

I don't know if I'll survive.

[Oh right, Kohaku has injuries to get taken care of and Akiha ran off Gal. Priorities...]
29 January 2012 @ 08:40 pm
[There's a quiet rustle, and the blur of green gradually begins to separate into whites, blacks, browns. An eye fills the mirror, framed by a thin black rim.

Any minute now, the eye will blink.

Any minute now.]
07 January 2011 @ 10:27 pm
So, you were just minding your business. Maybe you were reading books, checking out computers, enjoying a nice meal - it doesn't matter. Things just took a turn for the odd.

After all, the earth started to shake out of the sudden: An earthquake was happening! Right at your place!

Now, were you to evacuate (which would be reasonable!), you'd find a girl dressed in a weird blue dress, a peach-adorned hat, and boots, sitting on a floating rock, her long hair whirling in the wind... ...and she'd be giggling. And pointing, directly at you. It was almost as if she found the earthquake business funny.

[OOC: Tenshi has abilities to create, well, tremors and the like. She just used that on a couple houses, prompted by misunderstanding a certain NPC.

However: She is good at this. Whatever damage this causes isn't very bad, and the earthquake isn't enough at a strength enough to cause actual harm other than to an ego - not that characters can know.]
06 January 2011 @ 12:50 pm
[There's no video, initially--only the sound of a basketball bouncing hollowly, the sound of sneakers scraping against the ground.

The video flickers on. Rose petals--white and red, flutter to the ground, from some unknown source. There's a slightly unnerving moment where girl-shaped shadows flicker along the surface of the mirror before Utena shows up, a triumphant expression on her face.]

Wow, it really worked! [She runs along the court, and the shadows chase after her, along the trees. They stop, one on each tree, facing one another, and seem to be in the midst of a conversation. Utena, however, appears unaware. She shoots a basket, she scores! The Shadow Girls go wild! Complete with shadow pompoms and shadow confetti.

The ball rolls to a stop at her feet, and she frowns and falls into a series of stretches.]

It's no fun without anyone else.

[The shadows appear to be squabbling. Utena scratches the back of her head, and starts to bounce the basketball around again.]

[ooc: Utena's made a basketball court. A...really weird one! Feel free to bug her! Aww yeah. If anyone points out the Shadow Girls to her, she won't notice them. Yeah, I don't get it either. lol weird ass canon.]
05 January 2011 @ 09:54 pm
 I can't believe I haven't thought of this before! I feel so dumb!

[Since parting ways with Sora, Konoka's actually been doing a bit of research. What Yukari said about her pactio during the wishing session had her thinking--mainly, why she hadn't put two and two together yet. She's at the computers. It appears that in such a while, she's found the wonders of the Romance page. She seems slightly edgy and annoyed by this fact, though.]

...so what is it like, for  a girl to fall in love with  a girl? Really, I wish there was more to draw from than a simple internet page and a bunch of poems! I wanna see romance! I want to make it happen! Maybe it's the key to making this world grow! Maybe the power of love could be a literal power! Wouldn't that be romantic?

[She dropped to a whisper.]

Is this what Secchan wanted... for me?

[At some point, she will be distracted by the glory that is Robot Unicorn Attack. Better move fast.]