17 February 2013 @ 10:45 pm
[ Some will recognize the purple-haired woman shown in the mirror. Though why she's wearing one of those white shifts given to new arrivals might be a bit odd. Wasn't she a "regular" here? ] Eh? Where....?

[ Looking down at herself, and then around, she stood and walked to the edge of the clearing where she had spotted her clothes. Rather than pick up any one piece of her training uniform she just grabs her necklace and hangs it around her neck. ] Mach Caliber, are you there?

«I am active.» [ Comes the reply of a synthesized female voice, coming right from the necklace's teal gem. ]

Where are we?

«Central arrival position.»

[ That might not be a difficult deduction to make, given the surroundings, but still, it's rather odd how confused the woman seems about this. ] Do you detect anyone in range? Caro, Signum, Nanoha, Fate, Erio, ... Tohma? [ Though the latter are male names, and it's there that she laughs a little. ] No. They wouldn't be here at all, would they? [ Oh good. Seems she really does seem to remember this place. And that means the sight of the Vine recording her isn't all that unusual. She bounds on over. ] Hi everyone! It seems I've gone missing for a while. Can someone tell me the date and... maybe... give me a sound-off?

[ Calmer than a moment ago, she sits down in the grass. ] We don't have to talk long. I just want to make sure that everyone's all right.

(( OOC: And we're back! Though just with Subaru for now, and with a bit of a canon update. For those who would have noticed, she disappeared shortly after the start of the new year. o/ ))
08 February 2013 @ 05:34 pm
[when she woke it was like being washed up on shore after a shipwreck. Cold, and lonely. She knew, instinctively, that so much time had gone by, slipped past her, but she didn't know how. Not even a memory of darkness, just emptiness. It was different.]

[of course, there was nothing to go back to. But somehow, this place had rescued her once again.]

[with that knowledge came relief--as terrifying as the experience was, it meant that there was hope. She could always come back here. She pulled her cloak on over the white dress, pulling her knees to her chest to think.]

[there were people she needed to see. To reassure them. But she didn't quite feel well enough to walk. Thankfully, a tendril from the Vine crept up and curled gently against her wrist, nudging her. She patted it, then called up a mirror.]

[of course, faced with it, she freezes for a moment, not sure what to say.]

H--hello...I--I'm back. I think. [she tugs her hood down further over her face, embarrassed.]

(ooc: hi guys I missed you)
08 February 2013 @ 04:25 pm
[Frowning into the vine is a young woman. The usual white dress of new arrivals has already swapped out for one might assume are her preferred clothes, which is a military-esc uniform in gaudy red and yellow. It's a little ridiculous as far as outfits go, but she wouldn't trade it for the world right now.]

Um, guys? Are you out there somewhere?

[She glances around her. The Gardens are quiet, and more than a little eerie. Besides the wildlife there isn't a soul in sight.]

Is... there anyone here at all?
08 February 2013 @ 03:13 pm
[Having returned to the Pagoda after the Doctor left, Kariya wasn't aware of anything strange at first. She was often alone at the Pagoda, except for the dogs. But days passed, and the once lively Vine was still and silent. There were no messages. Hour by hour, she began to feel more alone and more puzzled.

So she left the Pagoda and the dogs that followed her like attendants while she was there. Surely someone was still around? Her shuffling, limping gait was unhurried. She'd been healed somewhat by the snakes, but the worms continued their interior assault, and she was growing worse again, day by day. There was another way to assuage the pain and halt her deterioration, but that wasn't an option she'd chosen to take, so this was her lot. She could bear it. If she died again, she'd be revived again, and it would continue until she was able to find her way home, back to the War. It was odd, to have such a distant feeling about her own death, but things were different here. Death was different.

It was so quiet in the Gardens. Among the trees and flowers, she heard birds calling but no human voices. She felt like the last person in the world. It was an odd, lonely feeling. Kariya made her slow way to the orchard, to the silent arcade, to the lake of blood, and finally, found herself at the pale crumbled ruins at the center of everything. She rested a hand on the cool, white stone to hold herself up. Where was everyone?

And last, she reached out for a tendril of Vine and asked:

Hello, is anyone there?
10 January 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Okay, I'm curious. Some of us have been here a while, some more then others. By quite a bit for some. But with all this time spent, I have to wonder but one thing.

Who here has actually gotten themselves in one of those love filled relationships, either currently or before? Here I mean, ones that happened before don't count. Additionally, who here even gives a damn?

If anyone is curious, I haven't found my cherished someone. I know, you all are just so saddened to hear that I am without one to love, but my heart is locked away behind the gates of hell.

[Despite the dripping sarcasm at the end, she felt this was a question that had a long time coming, it just had to be done.]
28 December 2012 @ 08:54 pm
[ When the broadcast begins, it's with the purple-haired young woman looking as if she had something on her mind. ] You know, it's kind of odd. I expected an invite of some kind for something for the New Year, like last year's ball, but nothing's come in yet. If that's the case... I'm going to host another party at the inn on Monday night starting at sunset. If I figured it out right, that's when the New Year will be.

[ Smiling, Subaru counts off a few items on her fingers. ] I'll try to have food and games there, but if you want anything special for yourself, you'll have to either ask for it, or bring it yourself. The same goes with music or other entertainment! This should be a great way to meet new people, start new friendships, and also relax after all the work you've put in for the play these past few days.

Everyone's invited — you can come alone, with a friend, or even a date — and there's no dress code, but I will have one rule and one rule only, and that is to have fun! No fights. [ She will not have a repeat of what broke out at her birthday party. ] Mmm, that's it, really. I'll be around there the next couple of days tidying up, so if you need me for anything, or have any question, just give me a call! My name's Subaru. [ She waves to the mirror. ] I hope to see you all there!

((OOC: Like the post implies, I'll put a log up for the party this weekend! Possibly even tomorrow, forward-dated, since I have a four day weekend ahead of myself. o/ ))
28 December 2012 @ 03:27 pm
[Enjoy the sight of a slightly nervous girl on the mirror. She's nervous as she's about to do something she has not ever really tried much before, it's always been free flowing for her.]

Hey there... no. Hello, everyone. I'm not sure how I should be going about this, but... I was wondering if anyone wants to be friends? This isn't something I've ever really done before, I just suddenly figured out I lead a sad and lonely life here and that I never really got to know some people here like I probably should.

So... I guess I should introduce myself then. I'm Sayaka Miki. I... used to be a normal Japanese girl who went to school, and all that, but you know, can't really do that anymore. I think I should be around fifteen by now, but I never really understood how time around here works.
13 December 2012 @ 04:29 pm
[A. Video]
[From the looks of things, Nue isn't dressed in her usual dark colors today. Instead, she's wearing the red and white uniform of a Hakurei shrine maiden, meaning she must have finally taken Reimu up on the punishment she had ordered a while back. The fact that the image's backdrop is the Hakurei shrine and she has a broom in hand makes this pretty obvious, too.]

[That isn't what she wants to talk about, though. She just got bored with sweeping, and there's been something else on her mind, too.]

So... Do you think that Pirate Queen is actually going to keep her word? [Her wings flick back and forth like tails behind her, the movement seeming somehow irritable. Apparently, she's incensed just thinking about it.] It's not like I gave her something I can't just make more of, but still. I'm going to be mad if she doesn't come back like she said she would.

[The truth is, Nue is just impatient. It's been a week and a half, maybe, and she's already getting antsy. But she asked for something she hopes will cheer Sanae up, so she's anxious to get her hands on it now.]

[B. Action]
[Alternately, you could come see her sweeping at the shrine in person. Or you could catch her around the fortress later in the day; she still isn't living at the shrine 24/7 now, so she has to go back there if she wants to change out of those stupid miko robes after she's done with her stupid chores.]

[In any case, people picking this option should BEWARE OF ATTACKING MISTLETOE!! Indicate whether or not you want youkai smooches in either an OOC note or a PM.]
08 December 2012 @ 03:45 pm
[If you look for interaction with someone today, on the vine, you may instead find the mirror opening to drawn picture of mistletoe. It's there for a few seconds before it's pulled away, the one behind it being Alice.]

I believe it's that time of the year again, and I just want to make sure. Has anyone seen this plant yet? It hangs from above and if you happen to walk, or simply be, under it while with someone else, the two of you will be locked into place and can only be free if the two kiss. It is called a mistletoe and this is basically enforced tradition of a holiday.

I just want to know if I have to keep eyes above me now.
19 November 2012 @ 12:18 am
[ Yuuka appears on the mirror and she looks tired. Like... "hasn't had a scrap of food or sleep in a week" tired, not "hasn't fought something in a week" and bored. The distinction is in the bags under her eyes and the way she tracks the movement of leaves in the wind lazily. Even her tone lacks any of her normal vigor. ] ...this isn't where...

[ She can't even complete her thoughts. It's pretty bad for herm but if one is wondering the cause of all this, it's quite obvious. The green-haired youkai is literally sleeping in a pile of marigolds. Some have survived this attention, but some haven't.

Yuuka is also clutching something small and white in her left hand, but details are hard to see unless someone finds her in person; at risk to their own health, of course. ]
18 November 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Greetings, I am speaking today to ask what may seem like an odd question.

[Despite it being an odd question, Alice looks rather serious when she proceeds to ask it. The use of video was to hopefully get the attention of more people.]

For this question, let us assume the following scenario. You find yourself in possession of a life sized replica, or puppet, of someone that you know. As it is a puppet of sorts, it is not a perfect recreation, but it appears to be the same until further investigation. You are able to control it's every single motion, but it is only able to do anything that you yourself are capable of doing,

If you were to be in this situation, what would you do?
18 November 2012 @ 05:30 pm

[Last time she did this it was through text, but now she’s shed that formality. Behind Black Jack is a decently sized wood and slate tiled home, placed precariously close to the Viridian Pavilion and in roughly the same patch of land where it had previously stood.]

I’ve remade my clinic, for anyone who cares.

[Apathy. She does it well.]

Although I’d put money on people preferring the local healer or Dr. Holiday over me, but my previous offer still stands.

There’s always a price for treatment.

[Someone doesn't seem to have a fondness for flowers. Or else they're in a very bad mood. (They might be a little upset about one of the Gardens' recent departures.)

There stands Kuja, on the Vine and in person, upright in the midst of a bright light that appears to come from burning marigolds. Rose and violet in color, the flames burn and burn after the flowers crumble to ash, but they don't spread to the other plants, perfectly controlled. Unlike Kuja's expression, which is slightly--twitchy.

Call it a protest, if you will.
Since the Powers That Be have decided that they want to give us all cavities and diabetes, I am keeping a big pot of stew going at Beaumont for anyone who needs emergency food that is not candy. If I am not there, Bulbasaur or one of the robots will be in charge of it. Do not worry, they are all sanitary. It is free to use so do not avoid it if you do not have food. There are severe health consequences to eating only sugar, which I guess the people in charge do not care about.


Also if there is anybody that needs a place to stay, Beaumont has a lot of rooms open. It is by the lake on the northwest side, and is pretty convenient as far as being close to places. There are some robots here that do the housekeeping stuff. Also you will get a lot of free snacks because I bake a lot. I guess that is not much of a benefit right now but there you go. Pets are OK.


[Hi, Ladygarden residents. Do you like your reality TV to have normally linefaced girls curled up on the ground and crying in the middle of nowhere? Because the Vine has decided that is the hot new thing in entertainment. (The more perceptive viewers might notice she seems less opaque around the edges than usual.)

[After a moment, she notices the mirror broadcasting her. She makes a few awkward attempts to turn it off, then lets her arm flop to the ground.]

Fine. I give up.
12 November 2012 @ 06:36 pm
[S'up, Ladygardens. Yumeko is currently inside the Spaceship — somewhere in the kitchen, most likely, from the looks of the background. On top of the counter she is standing behind, a number of sugar skulls are lined up. She glares at them. The names written on them don't bother her, but—]

"Excuse me," I begin, sounding irritated. [No, that isn't a sudden switch to first person prose. She's just...narrating her actions. For some reason.] "But could someone explain to me what the meaning of this is? I don't know how I'm expected to make adequate meals for Lady Shinki when all that's available to me are...these." I gesture toward the skulls. [And she does, fairly aggressively.]

I set my hands on my hips and sigh. [siiigh] "There's hardly any food to be seen, no matter how far out I go. And to make matters worse, after going too far, I wound up like this," I explain, placing a hand to my chest to indicate myself. I mean the fact that I can't seem to stop narrating my actions, of course. "Does anyone know what to do? It's not as though I don't have any food stored up, but I'd rather not be stingy..."
11 November 2012 @ 11:50 am
[Jessica sits in the orchard, a sugar skull in hand. She glares at the mirror.]

OK, this? Isn't funny. For a lot of reasons.

This is a new low for whoever is in charge. Consider this an official complaint.
02 November 2012 @ 06:26 pm
[When the Vine opens up, there's no one to be seen on screen. Instead, it simply displays what has probably by now become a familiar landmark in the Gardens — Jessica's fortress. Just when you might think this is an accidental video of some kind, Nue speaks. Her voice seems to come from somewhere directly below the recording mirror. The truth of the matter is that she's sitting with her back against whatever the Vine happens to be perched on on her end. This is the first anyone will have heard from her in the days since her death at the hands of the woman in the well, Nue having been staying out of sight and sleeping in public places rather than returning to what had been her home.]

Hey. This place is empty, right? I looked around inside, and all I could find were robots. [Though said robots seem to have been doing a good job of keeping the place clean. Not a lot of dust to be found, which just makes staying there all the more appealing to her.] Because... I don't think I'm going to stay at the shrine anymore. So if no one is using in this place, I think I'll just live here from now on.

[She goes quiet for a few seconds, the image on screen unchanging. Then, eventually, she says,] That's all I have to say. I just— I wanted to make sure it was empty, and I thought I should say something in case anyone actually cares where I am.

Voice - Private to Yuyuko )

Text - Private to Kariya & Reimu )

[ ooc: The public portion is also open to action. ]
31 October 2012 @ 08:42 pm
[ Why is Subaru on the mirror right now? ] Um... hello? [ For that matter, why is she wearing Vivio's clothes? They shouldn't fit her; not by a long shot. Everything about the scene is wrong, from the way she's looking around rather dazed and confused at the inside of the inn's many empty rooms, the fact she's not wearing her familiar necklace, and down to the way she just appears... smaller in every manageable way.

Also, the confusion in her voice that shouldn't be there is a dead giveaway that things are very, very off. ]
Is anyone else here?

[ The vine followed her ever since she stepped out of the back room where she found those clothes, and now it watches on as the girl cautious moves from doorway to doorway, looking for someone. Anyone. ] Dad? Gin? Are you here?

[ Panning from the sight, the mirror shows the familiar sight of a teal gem — Mach Caliber's storage unit — floating in the air along with her cord. She is the one that called for the vine; not the little girl. ] «Assistance request. Unknown effect in place.»

[ It's then that "Subaru" turns quickly in the direction of the voice and sees both the flashing gem and the mirror. ] W-what's that? Who's there...?

((ooc: Subaru has been de-aged both physically and mentally. This is basically what she looks like (without the dirt). Open to action at the inn/onsen, but she'll also be wandering around outside once she's done searching the building!))
30 October 2012 @ 07:35 pm
At the Tohno Mansion
[A certain someone had returned home, looking a little disoriented and a bit confused. After experiencing her first death in the gardens, she had admittedly stayed away for a short while, still a bit confused about the whole thing. That and she had to sort out her own feelings on certain things. Hopefully Akiha wouldn't mind too much that she was gone for a couple of days?

Whatever it was, she walked into the front door a little dirty but nothing worse than that. Maybe she could sneak in without being noticed.]

...did I miss something? I feel like something important happened and I wasn't there for it. Or maybe I was...

I don't really know.

[She tilts her head, as if trying to recall something, probably something she had attempted to forget, but lingered there with a sense of detachment. Suddenly, excitement pops back into her eyes.]

Aside from that, I'm feeling like something big! A big cake...the biggest one here. How do I get someone to make that?
22 October 2012 @ 08:14 pm
[It wasn't often someone had something to say in the middle of the night. Maybe in person they did, but it wasn't exactly common for the vine to be used. Although, by the look of the person on it, Alice probably couldn't wait any longer about this.]

Okay, I've had enough of this now. Which one of you decided to start singing every night? It is really distracting and I'm having problems going to sleep, which is something I happen to enjoy when I can manage it. And from what I've seen of some others, they don't look happy, so I'm guessing they can hear this too.

So, who is the one doing this? And if it's so loud multiple people can hear it, why don't you turn it down a bit? Or go somewhere secluded?

[She has no idea at all where the singing is coming from or what is actually wrong with people.]