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[Even though it had been nearly two months since her beloved Zinc had been uprooted from the land of lesbians and sunshine, Gavril still felt the sting of their far-to-soon separation. As of late Gavril had taken to residing in the white house Zinc had once called home, amidst the mechanical insects and the trees she had planted the previous year, the zombie girl had spent far to much time reminiscing about the past year, eating raw meat, and drinking and drinking and drinking. 

Though it would literally take a small tanker truck of booze to get Gavril drunk, she was at least a little buzzed as she played with the little mechanical bug Zinc had left behind in the wake of her sudden departure. Rather serene looking  amidst the house's small garden, having visitors would be a nice change of pace.]
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[Well have a curious rabbit hatted girl exploring the gardens again. She'd been bumming a bit, since several of the disappearances had made her feel more than a little slighted. Staying at home was never really an option anyway, so she decided to pop over and see how Gavril was doing. Losing your girlfriend, she figured, was a pretty rough thing to happen to someone.

And here she was, smelling REALLY funny]. Hey, how's it going?
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So you were drinkin'! I thought I recognized the smell.

[Anyone who could do that and still hold a conversation had a point in her book].

I'm as good as I can be. I saw Subaru a little while ago, so I'm better than what I felt like a few days ago.