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[action, the arcade]

[Lambda has been hiding. From the moment she arrived, disoriented, somehow back in the old artificial body that should have been destroyed in the shuttle crash so long ago--it's frustrating. As much as she hates to admit it, she needs Asbel as much as he needs her. And the world from the perspective of what amounts to a five year old is very different from inhabiting a human adult. For one thing, her legs are far too short to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. She looks like a child, superficially at least, though the strange headset and doll-like jointed limbs indicate something else. Not to mention the sharp intelligence in her eyes, and the alert way she observes her surroundings.]

[she needs to be alert. It's dangerous here, where she's alone. She accepted Asbel and his friends, yes, but any other humans are unknowns and potentially dangerous. And now that she's in such a small form, she's practically helpless. She could abandon this body, certainly, but there's no guarantee she'd be able to find another in time...]

[she's still wearing the white shift she arrived in, though it's dirty and torn. There's no concept of modesty in her mind, and nothing to cover on an artificial ceramic and metal body. She's found her way to the arcade, initially drawn to the familiar looking machines. She soon finds that they're completely useless--(no vehicles to launch, no relevant data) and she pounds her small hands on a computer keyboard in frustration before wandering over to stare at the arcade consoles. She does still have a healthy amount of curiosity, after all.]

((ooc: Lambda has some pretty strange abilities, if anyone wants to read up on them, but she's fairly harmless unless threatened at the moment, since she has a body to possess.))