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[ Some will recognize the purple-haired woman shown in the mirror. Though why she's wearing one of those white shifts given to new arrivals might be a bit odd. Wasn't she a "regular" here? ] Eh? Where....?

[ Looking down at herself, and then around, she stood and walked to the edge of the clearing where she had spotted her clothes. Rather than pick up any one piece of her training uniform she just grabs her necklace and hangs it around her neck. ] Mach Caliber, are you there?

«I am active.» [ Comes the reply of a synthesized female voice, coming right from the necklace's teal gem. ]

Where are we?

«Central arrival position.»

[ That might not be a difficult deduction to make, given the surroundings, but still, it's rather odd how confused the woman seems about this. ] Do you detect anyone in range? Caro, Signum, Nanoha, Fate, Erio, ... Tohma? [ Though the latter are male names, and it's there that she laughs a little. ] No. They wouldn't be here at all, would they? [ Oh good. Seems she really does seem to remember this place. And that means the sight of the Vine recording her isn't all that unusual. She bounds on over. ] Hi everyone! It seems I've gone missing for a while. Can someone tell me the date and... maybe... give me a sound-off?

[ Calmer than a moment ago, she sits down in the grass. ] We don't have to talk long. I just want to make sure that everyone's all right.

(( OOC: And we're back! Though just with Subaru for now, and with a bit of a canon update. For those who would have noticed, she disappeared shortly after the start of the new year. o/ ))

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