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❀ 001 action/video

[She's been spending the past few days getting to know the Gardens. It's an odd place, and there are some odd things here, but not many that are stranger to her than the building she finds herself standing before now.

It's a greatly reduced and somewhat battle scarred version of a building she knows well, and she's not sure what it's doing here in such an idyllic spot, in the midst of so many green trees and bright flowers. The earth around the structure looks like it was scorched bare at some point, but the grass is already growing there again, covering the old damages. The Vine has wound itself around the building. It doesn't look like anyone's been there in some time.

But it's not completely abandoned. There's a solitary clockwork robot, silver and spider-shaped, as large as a medium-sized dog, pacing around the perimeter of the building. It comes running up to Aerith as she approaches. She starts, fingers tightening on her rod, but it seems it only wants to greet her, so at last, though still a little wary, Aerith pets it. This appears to make it happy, or about as happy as a robot spider can seem. It circles her, remaining at her feet for the time being.

After a long time staring up at the small copy of Shinra Headquarters, Aerith turns to the Vine. It senses her intent and displays a mirror.

Hello everyone. Is anyone out there today? If I don't know you already, my name's Aerith.

[The Gardens are such a quiet place, she's not necessarily sure of getting a reply, but it's worth trying.]

Has anyone else found anything familiar here? This building... I know it, from back home. Do you know how it came to be here?

[But that's not the only question that's been on her mind.]

And I was wondering, what were you all doing, before? Right before you came here, I mean.

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