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Vanitas (♀) ([personal profile] irritum) wrote in [community profile] queenofheartsrp2013-02-11 08:29 pm

001 Unversed χ Video/Action

[It hadn't taken long after her arrival for Vanitas to shred the ridiculous, white dress and grow her normal outfit like a second skin. Commanding darkness had its perks, and now, with the helmet securely in place in place to hide her face, she uses the vine or whatever it is.]

So. Where's this so-called queen? And how do I get back? I have too much to do to be sitting around here, making peace and harmony or whatever.

[She audibly gags at that, actually.]

I'm not some weak little sap.

[She doesn't expect answers, and she feels stupid for even doing it. So she leaves the mirror behind and starts to explore.

Maybe something in this stupid place will appeal to her.]

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