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001 Unversed χ Video/Action

[It hadn't taken long after her arrival for Vanitas to shred the ridiculous, white dress and grow her normal outfit like a second skin. Commanding darkness had its perks, and now, with the helmet securely in place in place to hide her face, she uses the vine or whatever it is.]

So. Where's this so-called queen? And how do I get back? I have too much to do to be sitting around here, making peace and harmony or whatever.

[She audibly gags at that, actually.]

I'm not some weak little sap.

[She doesn't expect answers, and she feels stupid for even doing it. So she leaves the mirror behind and starts to explore.

Maybe something in this stupid place will appeal to her.]

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[There is one answer that might call her back.] a queen.

[She looks demure enough for the part, though Jayne has her hands folded on her lap, her choice of attire being a simple yellow gown and no crown to speak of. This woman wanted to know where the queen is, would a queen do? It takes a lot for her to not change it to text, but she must bear up her duty as it is.

Please don't yell at her.]

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[She shakes her head.]

I was brought here just as you were. Some have been here's quiet around, though. The queen you look for, she might be hiding.

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You asked for a queen, and I gave you one. I'm not stupid, I'm giving you what you wanted.

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...You could have ignored me, you know.

[She looks down, balling her hands in her gown. Why did she even speak-useless, useless woman, she always was.]

because we're like that

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A queen, not the queen.

The Queen of Hearts...if it amounts to anything, be careful. She might be dangerous.

[This couldn't be the queen she knew, she would never make somewhere so beautiful and then not have it under harsh guard. There were no guards, only animals.]

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You never know.

[You scare her, Vanitas.]

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"Potential" is putting it lightly. They're all as likely to hurt you.

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I'm not stupid at all. People to think so.

[Being childish and being stupid are two different things.]

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You say it like defense is easy.
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I haven't seen any queen here yet.

[Aerith is standing behind the bar at Seventh Heaven, elbows resting on the bar, idly petting the length of Vine that's made its way inside to spend time with her. She's assuming a mirror will pop up somewhere near the helmeted woman. The Vine is so nice like that.]

I don't think kidnapping anyone's a good idea, but what's wrong with making peace and harmony? That's not weak at all. Sounds like fun.
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[Aerith smiles. She doesn't seem bothered by this reply.]

Oh, I don't know about that. Maybe they're hard to find, but anything worthwhile is worth working for.

What do you think they really want, then?
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Hm, no. I don't want that. It doesn't sound good at all. I think maybe that's what you want. But not everyone wants the same things. I'd rather people have their own opinions and be free. Things are more fun that way.

I used to know someone who wanted power like that. He wasn't a very nice person to know.