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Tsukasa Aoi ([personal profile] queen_of_bel) wrote in [community profile] queenofheartsrp2013-02-09 10:45 am


[The feed opens to the image of a girl with long blue hair wearing oddly shaped headphones, looking both confused and a bit angry she tries her best to appear cheerful at she addresses the mysterious vine. Older residents may recognize her as the Queen of Bel, a girl who had once lived in the garden and controlled demons via a handheld device. One such demon, a small pixie in a blue body suit and red hair, sits upon her shoulder.]

Just a quick question, this is the Garden right? you know, the one where the Queen wanted everyone to fall for each other.

Ask if your girlfriend is here!

Um, ignoring that, if anyone remembers me, my name is Tsukasa.

[ooc:Pixies replies will be in pink.]

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