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[reverse-rebirth] "twenty-two"

[when she woke it was like being washed up on shore after a shipwreck. Cold, and lonely. She knew, instinctively, that so much time had gone by, slipped past her, but she didn't know how. Not even a memory of darkness, just emptiness. It was different.]

[of course, there was nothing to go back to. But somehow, this place had rescued her once again.]

[with that knowledge came relief--as terrifying as the experience was, it meant that there was hope. She could always come back here. She pulled her cloak on over the white dress, pulling her knees to her chest to think.]

[there were people she needed to see. To reassure them. But she didn't quite feel well enough to walk. Thankfully, a tendril from the Vine crept up and curled gently against her wrist, nudging her. She patted it, then called up a mirror.]

[of course, faced with it, she freezes for a moment, not sure what to say.]

H--hello...I--I'm back. I think. [she tugs her hood down further over her face, embarrassed.]

(ooc: hi guys I missed you)
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[What Sora sees on the mirror, well... At first, she tells herself she's dreaming. Xion can't really be back. It's just a cruel trick of the Gardens. But then she stares for a few minutes, then she pinches herself, and then she finally works up the courage to respond--lest it all fade away.]

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[Sora will press her hand to the mirror, too--right over Xion's.]

I'll be waiting.

[And Sora will be waiting. As soon as she leaves the mirror, she'll wait at the base of the tree. She's missed Xion so much.]
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Action forever

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[As soon as Sora sees Xion, she moves from being idle to running to meet her wife. All she knows is that she's missed her girlfriend. And when she gets close enough, she'll leap at Xion, even though she knows it'll take them both down to the ground.]
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A few months, but it felt like forever.

[Sora's going to cling tight to Xion, not wanting to let go. It's not a dream--Xion's really back. Sora is extremely happy right now!]
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[Kuja instantly affects an indifferent air.]

Ah. Were you gone?

[She can't help it, she's just being a jerk because she cares.]
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Re: video;

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Of course. Who else would it be?

[The fact that Xion falls for it just frustrates her. All her feigned uncaring for nothing. But then, things do tend to go over Xion's head.]

Yes yes, I know. [She frowns.] I am always impeccably well-informed.
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Re: video;

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Angry? Why would I be angry?

[It's just that everyone leaves and no one can be relied upon.]

The world's a stage, and players exit left and right. That is simply the way things are.