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First Battle // Video, Optional Action

[Frowning into the vine is a young woman. The usual white dress of new arrivals has already swapped out for one might assume are her preferred clothes, which is a military-esc uniform in gaudy red and yellow. It's a little ridiculous as far as outfits go, but she wouldn't trade it for the world right now.]

Um, guys? Are you out there somewhere?

[She glances around her. The Gardens are quiet, and more than a little eerie. Besides the wildlife there isn't a soul in sight.]

Is... there anyone here at all?
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Hello! I'm here!

[The voice is muffled and uncertain at first, then becomes clearer and surer as its owner gets to her feet.

Still dressed in the new arrivals' white shift, a young woman rises from behind some nearby flowering bushes. She looks down at herself, as if slightly surprised to see her own body.

But she quickly turns to the woman dressed in red and yellow with a small smile.

But where is here?

[At least it seems peaceful... and there are so many flowers. But it isn't where she was, and it doesn't seem like where she's supposed to be.]