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♥✧♥ -video or action-

[The face that appears on the Vine is cheery and bright, and her voice is the same when she starts talking. The woman's outside Seventh Heaven, arms crossed, one of the cats napping in the sun a little ways off.]

Okay, I'll play along for a little bit and believe that kitty cats can tell me what I need to know. [Since it's so ridiculous she might as well have fun with this...whatever it is. They got her clothes and food, at the least.] They can't, however, tell me if this beautiful building by the lake is in use or not, so if they aren't lying this'll get the word out. Who owns it, and if the answer is no one, then I might just go spruce it up-sound good? [It's what she knows, so why not? Though you really shouldn't have to clean in a fantasy.]


[Alternately, if you want to drop by, she'll be there airing the place out and humming songs to herself. She loves company, so don't feel shy about it-if she thinks she can get your attention, she'll try.]

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