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♥✧♥ -video or action-

[The face that appears on the Vine is cheery and bright, and her voice is the same when she starts talking. The woman's outside Seventh Heaven, arms crossed, one of the cats napping in the sun a little ways off.]

Okay, I'll play along for a little bit and believe that kitty cats can tell me what I need to know. [Since it's so ridiculous she might as well have fun with this...whatever it is. They got her clothes and food, at the least.] They can't, however, tell me if this beautiful building by the lake is in use or not, so if they aren't lying this'll get the word out. Who owns it, and if the answer is no one, then I might just go spruce it up-sound good? [It's what she knows, so why not? Though you really shouldn't have to clean in a fantasy.]


[Alternately, if you want to drop by, she'll be there airing the place out and humming songs to herself. She loves company, so don't feel shy about it-if she thinks she can get your attention, she'll try.]
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Oh– [Aerith stops short in the doorway.] This looks familiar...

[There's something about it that strikes her at once, but she can't put her finger on it. Instead of focusing on the puzzle for too long, however, she turns toward the woman cleaning and humming with a wave and smile.] Hello there. Is this your place? It's very nice.

[Though as she says this, the dust makes her sneeze.]
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That's all right! [She sneezes again, but more gently this time.] Nothing a good sneeze can't help.

[She takes another few steps in, looking around, a smile on her face.]

No, you shouldn't. A place like this should be taken care of, and it doesn't look like anyone has been doing the work. So it's a good thing you're here, right? I'm sure if someone does own it, they'll appreciate what you're doing.

[She pauses, Hming to herself for a moment, rising up briefly onto her toes with her hands behind her back.]

I haven't seen many other people here.
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Nope, you're not alone! I'm glad to find someone else, too. Flowers can be good company, but they're not much for conversation.

I think there are other people here. Maybe they're just hard to find. I hope they're not hiding from us.

[She laughs, softly, but gently. She seems fairly cheerful for someone spirited away to a strange place.]

That's the second time you've said you're sorry. You don't have to be. My name's Aerith. What's yours?
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I'm happy to meet you, Landon.

[She keeps out of the way of the dust, easily.]

Yes, I arrived just today. I found my clothes hidden in a bush. It was a new experience! [And a surprising one, especially considering where she'd been just before.]

I could stand a little peace and quiet, but I wouldn't like to be alone too long. So I'm glad I found you. [She makes her way back behind the bar, still overcome by the sense of unfamiliar familiarity in this place. It's like the echo of a sound she should know.] Oh, I know... Do you want something to drink? You must be thirsty after all your hard work.
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Ooh, all right. I think I might surprise myself, too.

I don't know much about making drinks, but I have a friend who does.

[Aerith busies herself with bottles and glasses. There is some clinking and pouring, and she ends up with two glasses of a concoction that doesn't look too alarming, but is, in fact, a pleasing shade of green.]

There! My own invention.
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[Aerith laughs too, pleased by the compliment. Why shouldn't she be?] Its inventor thanks you. It's lucky I have a pretty first customer to round things out.

So, what's the verdict? Does it taste as good as it looks? Do I have the makings of a great bartender? [These are all quite earnest questions, as she leans her elbows on the bar.]
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A name...? You really think it could be that popular? And it's the first drink I've invented, too. I must be a natural at this, and I never knew. Are you a bartender too?

[She takes a sip of her own drink.]

That is good.

Hm, name, name. Since it's green, it should be named after something green, shouldn't it?
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Oh, so you really are a professional! I'm extra flattered that you like it, then. [And she does seem genuinely flattered.] I'm sure there's lots you can teach me. I only made one up because I didn't know any real ones. I've never made a drink before. I used to work selling flowers.

[She ponders the matter a bit more, but finally there's an obvious answer she comes to.]

Green... well, how about the Lifestream?

[Something she's had a good deal to do with lately.]
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Oh, so like most things, then. [She laughs again.]

Thank you! Exotic? Is it? I guess it could be. It's even a little strange where I'm from. [After all, few people are aware of the Lifestream, as it really is.]

She raises her glass along with Landon.] A toast! To this place! And us! [Because they were the ones reopening it, after all.]