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⌛ 006 ⌛ [action/video]

[Having returned to the Pagoda after the Doctor left, Kariya wasn't aware of anything strange at first. She was often alone at the Pagoda, except for the dogs. But days passed, and the once lively Vine was still and silent. There were no messages. Hour by hour, she began to feel more alone and more puzzled.

So she left the Pagoda and the dogs that followed her like attendants while she was there. Surely someone was still around? Her shuffling, limping gait was unhurried. She'd been healed somewhat by the snakes, but the worms continued their interior assault, and she was growing worse again, day by day. There was another way to assuage the pain and halt her deterioration, but that wasn't an option she'd chosen to take, so this was her lot. She could bear it. If she died again, she'd be revived again, and it would continue until she was able to find her way home, back to the War. It was odd, to have such a distant feeling about her own death, but things were different here. Death was different.

It was so quiet in the Gardens. Among the trees and flowers, she heard birds calling but no human voices. She felt like the last person in the world. It was an odd, lonely feeling. Kariya made her slow way to the orchard, to the silent arcade, to the lake of blood, and finally, found herself at the pale crumbled ruins at the center of everything. She rested a hand on the cool, white stone to hold herself up. Where was everyone?

And last, she reached out for a tendril of Vine and asked:

Hello, is anyone there?

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[The response she gets is hesitant, soft, each word picked out to state her point without being too bold.]

I am here...

[Jayne doesn't know, she's woken up and she's wondering where she is, and another voice doesn't do well for her nerves.]

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Kariya. [She repeats it to remember, taking a deep breath, and tries to reassure herself that nothing there was going to be harmful, because if it hadn't already...] I'm Jayne. And I am new, if this isn't home. It isn't, because it's unfamilar. Is it your home?

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[Months in a place like this? Months in a place as...different, and yet calm? That wasn't as bad as her first reaction wanted to be.

The video unfurls, and Jayne says nothing about her face-she must have done something very brave or very silly to get that way, and it's not her business. She touches the mirror, then frowns when she sees it's not a sort of portal.]

At least you have beauty here. But you shouldn't have been scooped up like that.

[Some people liked home.]

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Is it safe here, though? Safe to stay if you wanted to for a while?

[As an afterthought.]

I hope you get home soon.

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So even time holds no real sway here? That's do you know you've been here for months, in that case? It could have only been a day.

[Jayne, you're thinking about it too abstractly. Come back down to the ground.]

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Then what use is it to keep time if nothing changes? You're the same...only removed, like in a little pocket.

Where were you?
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[There is someone there, though Kariya doesn't receive an answer over the Vine. Actually, she doesn't receive an answer at all, even though the woman nearest to her isn't all that far away at all.]

[Kirei doesn't speak up, nor step any closer, nor do anything to draw attention to herself, though she isn't exactly hiding out of sight. Instead, she just watches. Creepily.]
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[She had been blank-faced, but once noticed, her expression is quick to shift to a smile that stops short of her eyes and does little to warm her features. She probably doesn't look much less unnerving like this, but she takes a step forward anyway, her hands clasped lightly in front of her skirt.]

Yes, you're not alone here. [Despite her ostensibly reassuring words, her tone is tepid.] I apologize if I've startled you.
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Are you?

[Her (attempted) smile fades, dark eyes lingering heavily on Kariya's face. But more important than the issue of Kariya's health (pain) is what is implied by the question she asks next. It doesn't strike Kirei as odd that she wouldn't recognize her, but—]

That's right. Do you mean that you've been here long?

[That is strange. Lady, she was stalking you up until last night or so, you haven't gone anywhere she doesn't know about.]
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[There's a flicker of something when Kariya says she'll be all right, but then it's gone again. That she gives that impossible reply may have something to do with it.]

Months? [There, Kariya. There's a flash of confusion for you.] That can't be so.

[There are a lot of things about this place that can't be so, but that discrepancy is a bit much for her to accept.]
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[Yes, of course that's what the issue is. Kirei certainly makes no effort to correct Kariya's assumption, at any rate, as she sees no reason to, just as she sees no reason to inform her of the connection of sorts they possess.]

[The first person she has seen here is familiar, but also an enemy. She should fulfill the duty expected of her and kill this woman—already, she has had plenty of opportunity to do so—and yet she doesn't. Instead, she only watches her limp nearer, studying her movements more attentively than is strictly necessary. Kariya poses no threat to her, but this is different than observing her through Assassin.]

[A strained smile in the wake of overexertion is familiar to her, but she says nothing about that.]

I see. [She sounds so reassured. Look at how reassured she is.] If it is my fortune to return after only a short time, I will. But I would think this would be a matter of greater concern to you.

[Seriously though what is the deal here?]
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There are duties I'm expected to attend to. [How much she cares about doing them, as things stand, is another matter. She continues to loom, much taller and sturdier than the frail woman in front of her, though her hands remain non-threateningly folded.] Having been away from yours for so long, aren't you concerned?

[She knows all about Kariya's particular circumstances, of course, and she isn't truly pretending otherwise, but she keeps her words just ambiguous enough.]
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Like no time has passed? [That would certainly explain things, but it's still strange to think about, that they could have been taken from the same second and yet be months apart.] This place is truly a miracle.

[And yet her words are delivered without an ounce of awe.]

[With that issue settled, she won't delay her introduction any longer.]

I'm Sister Kirei Kotomine. [She wonders if her name will get any reaction, and for once, she actually wants to know the answer.]
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[Kirei takes note of that information. Kariya's nervousness is noted as well—of course it is, there's very little about her that would escape her attention now—and she smiles in a way that might be intended as reassuring. It's just as empty as her first attempt, though, with maybe a tinge of something else.]

I do, Kariya Matou. What do you mean when you say the Queen of Hearts is unusual?
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[Unmoving, she watches as Kariya steps backward. That same smile remains fixed on her face, even as she listens to the explanation given.]

I see. So she enjoys tampering with things she has no right to tamper with. [She sounds especially grave as she says this.]

I was a Master, though my Servant is lost. [Gilgamesh's subtle hints aside. She has no trouble admitting this, of course. See? She's out of the war, so they have no reason to be at odds. Kirei just wants to watch her suffer, that's all.]
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Your condolences are appreciated, but there's no need. [She's doing a better job of keeping her fake nice face attached this time, though her tone never manages to make it past "lukewarmly polite." Maybe it's because the War is a familiar topic for her.] Of course. There can be no Grail War without a Grail.


The dead are revived here?

[This place was just one thing after another.]
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Until you died?

[It's an easy guess to make, with the way she cuts herself off and describes the scene. Her tone and expression both remain as they have been, which seems slightly at odds with the invasiveness of the question.]

[The question of what Servant she had is answered plainly, though, as she sees no reason to hide the information now.]

Assassin had been mine.
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I'm still here. Unfortunately.
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Yeah, just our luck to still be stuck here.

[Going home once and returning to the Gardens again has told her that time doesn't pass, and so she shouldn't have to worry about those who are worlds away, but that doesn't mean she won't worry all the same.]

We haven't. [It would help if she left her house once in a while.] You can call me Black Jack.
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[video] dumps this here too

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[There's some mumbling on the other end of the Vine as Nue gropes around until it gives here a mirror. From the sounds of things, she just woke up. From the looks of things, too, seeing as she's wrapped up in sheets (and otherwise naked, of course, a bare shoulder peeking out along side her brightly colored wings).]

Kariya...? I told you, if you're lonely, you can just come here.
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[Nue is obviously disoriented, and enough so that she doesn't bother Kariya about how she needs to take care of herself, like she normally would. She rubs at one eye.]

I don't know, does it?

[Maybe she saw a dream...]
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It's fine. I think I overslept anyway.

[She doesn't even know what time of day it is. She finally sits up, not paying much attention to her state of dress. Nudity isn't very taboo in her mind.]

What time is it?
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[Gosh, Kariya, what's the matter? You have a pair too, don't you? She combs her fingers through her hair, still groggy.]

I really must have overslept. Anyway, you can come by if you want.

[She'll even get dressed before then!]
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All right, then. [She waves a little to the mirror, thinking something over as she does so. Maybe she should try making tea, this time...? Nue is too out of it to realize exactly what Kariya's issue is, but even so—] Are you sure you're okay, though?