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It's all useless. [Action]

A few days ago, she was on top of the world. She had finally been intimate with her girlfriend, she loved the party, had even spoken to Akiha in the baths without it falling into some crazy stupid fight! But a lot can change in a few days, and on this one, Fionna was feeling bloated and achy. It was a certain time of the month, and usually, Fionna would mope but try to be a little bit cheerful. But in that same matter of days, even with the party, came the few days after. She knew Alessa had gone, and that had made her sad, definitely. But then she got news about others. Sanae. Nue. Akira. Her recently pillow fighting friend of awesome, Mugi. But then came the one that felt like a drop kick to the stomach. The one, when hearing it, made her tear out of the tree fort, fists clenched, and made her attack several defenseless trees, grunting and making frustrated noises because this did not make her feel better.

And then the period happened, so Fionna was at her surliest, glowering in the distance, not finding any real reason to want to do anything but sit by herself in the gardens. Her face was blotchy, so draw your own conclusions.

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