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立紅葉 Tohno AKIHA ([personal profile] ritsu_kouyou) wrote in [community profile] queenofheartsrp2013-01-20 12:02 pm

14th Inversion - Video

[The Vine opens a mirror to anyone passing by it to show the inside of an empty building. A place of finery, there was no movement. No sound. Nothing...

The mirror closes and a few moments later, it opens again, to show the inside of the same building, but a different place. A room untouched. A bed unmade. Trinkets around, but there was a thin layer of dust on them.

Again, the mirror closes and reopens a bit later to show the outside of this building. The gardens. They were untended, but finally there was so movement. Barely visible was a distressed looking Hoppip waving its fronds at something with cries of 'Hoppip! Hoppip!'

A voice responds, quiet but with a cruel edge to it, finally identifying the seemingly abandoned building as the Tohno Mansion.]

Your cries mean nothing to me. She's gone. They're all gone. You should leave, too, before I eat you.

[The Hoppip continues to cry out and draw close until it screams as one frond catches on fire. It flails about, putting the fire out before retreating. To the viewers of the mirror, it was hiding in the garden out of sight of Akiha.]

Go... leave.

[There's movement then as Akiha passes by the mirror, heavy streaks of vermillion running through her black hair. When she glances over at it, there is something distinctly non-human in her eyes. She narrows them, but says nothing, continuing on her way. A few seconds later, the mirror closes.]

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