nekomikoreimu: (Put that back Marisa)
Reimu Hakurei ([personal profile] nekomikoreimu) wrote in [community profile] queenofheartsrp2013-01-16 09:38 am

Some view it as art, others view it as...(Action)

[Since her encounter with Yuuka last month, Reimu hasn't been out much. She lost a lot of blood during her thorny kiss, and whenever she talked they opened up. Now that she has mostly healed(though her mouth is still sore and her mouth still looks a bit raw), she is out looking over what madness the queen has done now.

You may find her looking at a painting of (OOC:I'll let you guys decide what she is looking it). She doesn't look to happy about the picture, as she starts to put seals around the area, to try and prevent people from falling into it. Chances of it actually working though are slim.]

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