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Some view it as art, others view it as...(Action)

[Since her encounter with Yuuka last month, Reimu hasn't been out much. She lost a lot of blood during her thorny kiss, and whenever she talked they opened up. Now that she has mostly healed(though her mouth is still sore and her mouth still looks a bit raw), she is out looking over what madness the queen has done now.

You may find her looking at a painting of (OOC:I'll let you guys decide what she is looking it). She doesn't look to happy about the picture, as she starts to put seals around the area, to try and prevent people from falling into it. Chances of it actually working though are slim.]
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Fionna was walking by, looking pretty happy. Things had actually been pretty amazing the past few days with Amamiya, and while they were going slow in the next step of their relationship, there was a noticeable glow to her. She was even humming to herself when she noticed Reimu putting seals over a pretty interesting painting.

"Heya Reimu. What are you doing with that painting?"
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"Huh? What are you talking about?"

She never heard of a painting being able to do anything funny, it was just a painting, right?

"If you think that, why not just break it or tear it down?"
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"That's true, but come on about that orgy stuff!" Fionna said, blushing slightly. "It's just two people kissing or whatever. It's not like they're going to make us do it, or the painting is gonna come to life or anything! Even if it did, we could just shrug it off, right?"

It was then Fionna inspected Reimu. "Hey. What happened to your lip Reimu?"
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Fionna sighed. "Man, I wish I could argue with you that paintings coming to life is stupid, but its this place, so I can't say stuff. It probably IS gonna be something weird like that."

Now the adventurer looked upset. "And she just went and cut your mouth?! What the hey? I hope you taught her a lesson!"
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"Yeah, but you can only wonder about some stuff. Sometimes a painting is just supposed to be a painting, not a whole other place! That's what portals and junk are for!"

Now Fionna looked really stricken, and was already fumbling through her backpack. "Ok man, that is so messed up. Here, I have some salve so that it'll help. You probably shouldn't even be talking so much!"
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"That's a lot of stuff to deal with," Fionna said in awe, although she had dealt with her fair share of strange and supernatural creatures too. It simply came with the job of being a hero in Ooo.

"I'm sorry she got you though. Isn't there anything you can do to make her pay, like, later on for doing that to you?"
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"Yeah, trust me, I know what its like to try and keep the place you love so much safe!"

She looked quizzical. "You could jump her with Sanae and stuff, right?"
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"Heck yeah, that's what I'm-"

She stops short as she feels something pulling her.

"H-hey! What is going on?"
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"Grab onto whaaa-!"

It's too late! She's getting pulled in!

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Fionna was definitely not knowing what to expect, and even stranger was what she was now wearing: a trench coat, a top hat, and dapper looking gray pants. Her hair was tightly bound into the hat, but you could still see a shock of it trailing donw her face.

And, apparently, Reimu was now in her arms.
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"H-hey, you don't gotta be that disgusted!" Fionna understood this wasn't either of their preferred situations, but that was a little stinging!
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"That was only once!" Fionna said, blushing slightly, but not quite enough. Something about that outfit made her feel more buoyant for some reason.
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"It's the gardens, this place is constantly making us do romantic junk whether we want to or not," Fionna said. "Though its kinda weird that its us all over again."
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"Fate is flippin' weird, that's for sure."

Fionna thought about this. "Well, if someone's just sorta barely dealing with me, you can't feel like its anything but being forced to do it, and that sucks. I have a girlfriend, so I'm always for her. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate you as you are too, you know?"
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Fionna blinked. "Uh, yeah dude, I would hope kissing me is better than kissing a mouthful of spikes."
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"Saying kissing me is better than a mouthful of blood is kinda not that big a compliment, Reimu."
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Well THAT was some news!

"Whoa, you kissed Nue?"
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Fionna giggled. "I dunno, you did know her for a long time. Maybe you liked it!"

Hey, she should be able to tease her a little.