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OK, I'll make this fucking quick. Have any of you girlys seen Zinc lately? She missed our anniversary a few weeks ago and I haven't seen her since.

I mean It ain't like her to disappear for a long time unless something bad's happened...

[For a moment Gavril stops and stares at the mirror, her face stark white as the weight of that statement hits her like a ton of bricks.]

Goddamn it...
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Her too?
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Do you want someone to come over and talk with you?

I kinda needed that when she took my friends. I'm still sad someone I knew was sent back. She was so...tortured back home. I'm scared what will happen to her.
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Yeah, I know what you mean. One time I saw all that stuff she dealt was crazy.

Want me to bring you anything? Some people like tea?
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Huh? Yeah, actually, I hunt and keep some stuff saved!

So you want it just raw, right?
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Why not my place? I'll defrost the meat and everything!
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Got it dude! [Already is starting on getting a spit set up, so she can start smoking the meat].
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Re: [Action]

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[Fionna grinned. Despite her falling out with Zinc and Gavril's particular diet, she had always liked the girl. She almost reminded her of an older Sette with the exception of being a zombie. Either way, he had made sure not to cook the meat, only that it was able to be eaten without it being cold.]

Hey dude! Glad to see you made it! Can you believe some people actually have a hard time finding me?
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Re: [Action]

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Coo-wait, you can actually smell me? What do I smell like?
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Oh. Hey, I smell kinda gross.

So the meat's all prepared and junk. You mind spices?
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Re: [Action]

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I bet!

[hunkers down, eating a piece of cheese].

How was she doing, before she disappeared?
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Re: [Action]

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[Fionna looks a little saddened by this. It was the same story she had with Alessa: she looked like she was finally starting to get used to being happy here, and then she was gone. It sucked knowing they might forget all that].

Yeah. I know what you mean. Wish I had talked with Zinc before she went away. We kinda got into it once.
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Re: [Action]

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She turned human and she kinda was hurting me and stuff. Like, I felt like she wanted to kill me, but slowly, you know? And whens she changed back, she admitted it's what she would be like if she wasn't a zombie. We didn't really talk much after that.
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Re: [Action]

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Yeah, it was messed up. I really liked her a lot as a zombie. But even when she turned back, it was like she hardly cared.

I dunno, I guess it hurt me or somethin'.
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Re: [Action]

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Maybe because she wasn't ever in love when she was a human, she couldn't say it as a zombie?

I'm sure she cared about you, why wouldn't she?
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Re: [Action]

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Yeah? Like how?
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Re: [Action]

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Nothing wrong with that! Me and my girlfriend haven't either!
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[Kanako doesn't look at all happy to hear this. Gavril might not be used to a sad looking Kanako]

I'm... sorry to hear that. I can imagine what you are going through.
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I stayed in my room and cried for a long time.

Please don't rip someones head off.
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I-is there anything I can do to help? I mean, if you don't mind me asking. I don't want to see you do something you may regret.
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Forgive Kanako. She means well despite her inner thoughts

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Drinking? You mean like wine? I haven't really drank much before.

2 lonely single girls going out to drink away their past. The more they drink, they closer they become, until they are all over each other!

... I would love to.
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A bar? Or maybe my place.... You need to bring the drinks though.
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Don't worry about me, just come on over and we will embrace drink your troubles away.