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Alice Margatroid ([personal profile] shanghaiworld) wrote in [community profile] queenofheartsrp2013-01-10 06:22 pm

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Okay, I'm curious. Some of us have been here a while, some more then others. By quite a bit for some. But with all this time spent, I have to wonder but one thing.

Who here has actually gotten themselves in one of those love filled relationships, either currently or before? Here I mean, ones that happened before don't count. Additionally, who here even gives a damn?

If anyone is curious, I haven't found my cherished someone. I know, you all are just so saddened to hear that I am without one to love, but my heart is locked away behind the gates of hell.

[Despite the dripping sarcasm at the end, she felt this was a question that had a long time coming, it just had to be done.]

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