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2nd Bloom ~ Video / Action

[ Yuuka appears on the mirror and she looks tired. Like... "hasn't had a scrap of food or sleep in a week" tired, not "hasn't fought something in a week" and bored. The distinction is in the bags under her eyes and the way she tracks the movement of leaves in the wind lazily. Even her tone lacks any of her normal vigor. ] ...this isn't where...

[ She can't even complete her thoughts. It's pretty bad for herm but if one is wondering the cause of all this, it's quite obvious. The green-haired youkai is literally sleeping in a pile of marigolds. Some have survived this attention, but some haven't.

Yuuka is also clutching something small and white in her left hand, but details are hard to see unless someone finds her in person; at risk to their own health, of course. ]
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[Reimu spotted Yuuka in the mirror, and saw right away something was wrong. She quickly flew out in search of her. She finds her a little while later sleeping in those flowers. She lands and quickly walks towards Yuuka.]

Get up now!!
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[Reimu ignored her, and went to go grab Yuuka.]

I side get up! Those plants are dangerous, even to you!!
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[Reimu is aware of the danger, but she persists. She looks at the flowers and raises her hand.]

Well, seems like I need to take some drastic measures.

[Reimu gulps, and then starts to shoot and destroy the flowers. Is she nuts, or just that determined to get Yuula out of her daze?]
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[Well that catches her off guard. She blushes and does nothing for a moment, her arms up in the air.]

W-w-w-what are you doing?!
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[Reimu shook her head, and bent her knees. She wrapped her arms around Yuuka, and then put all of her strength into trying to fly both of them. She knew she couldn't get far, but she felt she could get Yuuka far enough away from the flowers.]
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[Reimu flew up and away from the flowers, but slower then normal. Even Yuuka could outpace them right now. She headed towards her shrine, but around half way there Reimu had to stop.

She lands with a soft thud and drops to her knees. There were no flowers like what Yuuka was sleeping on before around them. Reimu panted for a bit before saying anything]

Y... you are heavier then... I thought.
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[Reimu put Yuuka down to catch her breath. While she was used to not eating, she was feeling the effects a little.]

Yeah yeah. You better not try and kill me when you feel better.
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Sure it is. Listen, against my better judgment, I am taking you to my shrine. If you decide to break something or someone when you get better, I will punish you.
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Who's they?

As long as your sleep doesn't lead to your death, you can sleep. Let me just get you to the shrine.
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... I have no idea what you are talking about. Dream world? You mean that thing inside your old castle?
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[Reimu sighs, and then proceeds to lift up into the air with Yuuka once again, heading towards her shrine.]
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[Reimu groaned, and attempted to shoot some light danmaku at the roots to make them loosen.]
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[And Reimu stops, and looks at Yuuka.]

I need to get you to a bed.